17 Apr 2019

Motivational speakers are exceptional individuals with an incredible ability to talk. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less, because what is a motivational speaker, if he doesn’t have the ability to talk well? Being able to talk, therefore, is a prerequisite quality which all motivational speakers have. The thing that makes a motivational speaker unique […]

15 Apr 2019

Motivation is a thing which is lacking among many people, in particular teenagers who are faced with important exams. We often hear the phrase “I can’t be asked” being thrown around, and the reason for this is because people simply are not motivated. Now, I understand that harnessing motivation is not easy, because it is […]

11 Apr 2019

  The world is full of people wishing for, and thinking about, ideal situations or things that they want. The concept of an ideal being, or good, for example, has existed for a long time. The concept of ideals can be linked all the way back to Plato’s Realm of The Forms in which the […]