14 Jan 2019

Famous motivational speakers all have the same common characteristics. They are, for example, enthusiastic about their work. Often they do not treat it as a job, but rather as a duty – this mentality it perhaps what give them such a drive and such large amounts of passion when it comes to helping others. But, in the 21st century enthusiasm alone is not what makes famous motivational speakers so good. In this era, everyone has opened their eyes to the importance of motivational speaking, so, in theory, everyone has the potential to become one of the most famous motivational speakers. There are, however, certain traits which differentiate the best from the rest. Let us have a look at some of them now.


The first differentiating factor is the eloquent and articulate nature of the world’s most famous motivational speakers. It is a common misconception that in order to be articulate and eloquent, one must speak using the most formal register. I believe in order to be articulate, one must speak clearly and precisely. Precision in language allows for a clearer meaning – this is a common trait among the most famous motivational speakers. Such clarity ought to, in turn, breed confidence, since a speaker will feel truly confident in what they are saying.


Secondly, it is important to be persuasive. It is all well and good delivering a presentation with good points, but if this is done in an unpersuasive manner, it will not stick in the head of audience members. It is vital, therefore, that you persuade the audience that you are right. Repetition is a good way of instilling the key messages of your presentation into the heads of the audience members. Moreover, persuasive language is all the more useful because it gives the audience a sense of security in terms of what you are saying. Finally, I would recommend pausing after points which are particularly poignant so that the audience can have time to process what has been said to them.


The world’s most famous motivational speakers are brilliant when it comes to showing empathy. No matter how successful they may be, famous motivational speakers often find a way of relating themselves to the general public. This method avoids coming across as arrogant, and allows them to focus their speech towards the worries, needs and challenges that his or her audience may face.


In sum, to be like the world’s most famous motivational speakers I would recommend taking these points on board. For more information of how to be like the most famous motivational speakers contact bookings@biancamiller.uk  or visit www.biancamiller.uk .


14 Jan 2019

Motivational speakers are always finding innovative methods which allow them to plant new ideas into the heads of their audience. The top motivational speakers are those who can influence others in a simple, yet effective, manner. To do this, a person would be required to produce lots of content to raise their profile. Large amounts of content is what allows top motivational speakers to stay at the top; they are always renewing their thoughts, therefore, they are always challenging and inspiring the public. Alongside this, the top motivational speakers are diligent, concise and passionate: this allows them to entice audience members and get across a clear and precise message. Let us look at the work of a few of the top motivational speakers to see just how they do it.


Joe Simpson is a British author, mountaineer and motivational speaker. He is most famous for his personal story called “Touching the Void”. The story is about a time that he was mountaineering and how he unfortunately fell into a crevasse. He was thought to be lost; however, he managed (somehow) to make his way to base camp. He did, however, sustain some severe injuries along the way. His style of speaking is diligent and often somewhat humorous. The top motivational speakers use humour as a way of engaging with their audience on a personal level. Humour also allows an easier transition through the darker and more saddening parts of a presentation. By telling his story – and by not actively prescribing advice for his audience – Joe is able to force his audience to think actively about the key messages that underlie the majority of his presentations. Joe’s most poignant point is: no matter how tough things may become, we can always overcome them and succeed.


John Peters is another of the top motivational speaker who uses humour to engage with his audience. His story is certainly a harrowing one; his beaten face became a symbol of Saddam Hussein’s brutality as it was shown on television screens around the world in 1991. Despite the difficult nature of his story, Peters manages to use humour to show his audience that there can always be light, even in dark moments. Moreover, he explains the struggles which he has had in life, in order to show his audiences the importance of dealing with difficult times. Overall, I would say that John’s story makes us think about the sometimes difficult nature of human life, however, it also allows us to overcome the challenges we may face.


As we have seen, the top motivational speakers often share some chilling stories, however they do it in a manner which sheds light on such dark tales. That is what makes them the top motivational speakers. For more information visit www.biancamiller.uk or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk .

12 Jan 2019

The best motivational speakers are those people whose message has the largest influence on the masses. Their message, as simple as it may be, has a profound effect on the population and causes them to adopt it. The best motivational speakers often gain clout for the simplest of ideas, however upon further reflection one may realise that the ideas are not quite as simple as one initially thought. In fact, all the more credit must go to the best speakers, since their ability to mask a somewhat complex idea in very simplistic language is what makes their ideas so popular and accessible. Two of the best motivational speakers – Eric Thomas and Debra Searle – do everything mentioned above and beyond. Let us explore how they became motivational speakers and the messages that they preach.


Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker from the United States. He was, in fact, a high school dropout and has since enjoyed working with many major sporting teams in NFL, MLB and NBA. Eric is well known for his “high-energy messages” which have influenced the lives of millions of people worldwide. Eric has used his life experiences to affect the lives of those who may have been (or currently be) in a similar position to that which he was in. Eric’s message is very simple, yet poignant: “Greatness is Upon you! You better act like it!”. This quotation would suggest that Eric’s message is all about being positive and seizing opportunities when they come your way. I believe that the fact that his messages are delivered with such enthusiasm is what makes them stick in the minds of millions.


Debra Searle is, put bluntly, an amazing human being. She has written books, presented shows, won gold medals for GB and even rowed (solo!) across the Atlantic ocean. Debra is rather similar to Eric, since both speakers suggest that one ought to develop a positive attitude in order to succeed. For Debra, it is vital that a person should choose the right attitude as it will allow them to enhance their social and working lives. Debra often speaks from personal experience which is what makes her one of the best motivational speakers. She uses her experience of rowing across the Atlantic to show people how and why they should change their attitude for the better.


As we can see, these are two phenomenal individuals. The reason that they are so excellent is because they are so committed to their message. They spread their message with such pride that it is almost impossible not to listen to what they are saying. For more information on the best motivational speakers visit www.biancamiller.uk  or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk .


12 Jan 2019

Motivational speaking is very similar to inspirational speaking. Both disciplines require a speaker to cultivate thoughts and ideas in the head of an individual which he or she would not have had without the help of the speaker. But, in my opinion, motivational speaking (and inspirational speaking) is much more than an ordinary job. It is a form of art whereby it is the job of the speaker to paint a picture, or set a scene through a performance. Now, this performance needn’t be dramatic; all this performance needs to be is impactful. A motivational speaker could influence the lives of millions through a single performance. It is for this reason that I feel that we owe gratitude to those who partake in the art form which is motivational speaking. I would like to explain the reason(s) that I hold motivational speakers in such high regard, in the hope that you may, one day, share my feelings.


The main reason that I am a fan of motivational speaking is because it creates a huge platform where people can share their stories. These stories are not always dramatic adventures but, nonetheless, they can still have profound effects on an individual. Tony Robbins, for example, is known for the fact that he has come from humble beginnings. By sharing his story to success Robbins is able to teach the public about what steps they should (and should not) take, in order to enjoy life to its fullest. With an estimated worth of $480 million, Robbins teaches that one ought to aim for a balanced life in which we look to overcome our problems. Therefore, by sharing his story Robbins has been able to influence the lives of many people in the hope that they move (or stay) on a path towards success. Without the motivational speaking platform, the progress of many individuals would be hindered. We must hence praise all of the people who partake in motivational speaking, because without their work, our lives would not be quite as good as they are.


A second reason that I like motivational speaking is because anybody can get involved. All one needs to get involved in motivational speaking is courage – courage to get up in front of a large audience and speak. This is, of course, not an easy thing to do, however the fact that the opportunity to speak freely to the masses is on offer is incredible. We have the potential to speak about what we feel passionate about should we so wish. And through said speaking, we have the potential to influence so many people so that they can flourish and grow. This is what makes motivational speaking so special – it allows one to connect with many, and through this connection many people can benefit.


For more information on motivational speaking visit www.biancamiller.uk or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk .

09 Jan 2019

Let me first begin with a question: What do you think of when you hear someone say “inspirational speaker”? For me, I think of an individual who is able to inspire and motivate an individual to think differently about the world that they are in. Moreover, I think of an individual who can deliver succinct yet meaningful statements which force an audience to take interest into whatever it is that the speaker is presenting on. That is just my opinion; however, it is important to notice that many inspirational speakers are capable of what I have just mentioned. Not only are these inspirational speakers capable, they are able to excel in their field. What it is, then, that allows these people to be so good? What makes a good inspirational speaker?


One method that many inspirational speakers use is that they always have stories to tell. Now, these stories do not have to be emotional backstories (although they can be). They just need to be enough to entice an audience member; as humans we are often captivated by stories, so if inspirational speakers can catch our attention via the medium of story, they will have a good chance of getting their message across. Nick Vujicic is an example of a man with an exceptional story. He was born without limbs, and spent a vast portion of his life in a state of loneliness and depression. By sharing his story, and by sharing the way that he has overcome his challenges, Nick is able to inspire others to overcome their challenges. A simple story, therefore, can have large implications on the lives of others; it can cause change (often quite radical change), so choose it wisely and make sure that it fits with the message that you are trying to get across.


A second trait among many inspirational speakers is passion. Most inspirational speakers believe wholeheartedly in what they are trying to say, therefore they deliver their message in as passionate a way as possible. With passion comes confidence; most inspirational speakers are 100% confident in their message and this is often reflected in the manner in which they speaker. Hence, to follow in the footsteps of many previous inspirational speakers, one must be passionate and confident in the message one is putting across.


To conclude, inspirational speaking is a fascinating field because it gives people the opportunity to change peoples’ lives with a single, often simple message. For more information on inspirational speakers visit www.biancamiller.uk or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk


09 Jan 2019

A keynote speaker is an individual who delivers a speech or presentation during a corporate (or business) event. The main aim of most keynote speakers is to outline key premises and ideas that a firm, business or individual is attempting to get across to an audience. This is not an easy task due to the fact that a vast number of people fear the mere idea of giving a presentation to a large audience. Moreover, people often fear that they will not be able to get across their message clearly, therefore meaning that they will not have succeeded in promoting whatever good or service they have to offer. This is made all the more difficult since so many people have realised the importance of being able to speak to large crowds, in order to deliver meaningful presentations. There are just so many good public speakers! Let us explore some of the ways that you could improve your public speaking skills to become the best possible keynote speaker that you can be.


The primary way of selling yourself as a good keynote speaker is by creating a personal connection with an audience. Such a connection would allow a keynote speaker to entice their audience, therefore meaning that they have their full attention. This is vital because it allows you to truly sell what it is that you are talking about. Many keynote speakers attempt to use personal examples so that they can create a rapport with their audience – this is, arguably, the most effective manner of establishing a sound and helpful relationship with an audience.


A keynote can also grab the attention of her audience by effectively using digital aids. Powerpoint presentations, images and clips would allow a keynote speaker to clearly outline the most prevalent points in their presentation. Most keynote speakers bombard their audience with lists of bullet points; however, a message can be put across in a much more concise manner. By simply allocating one key point its own slide, a speaker can create clarity whilst giving her audience the best chance to remember what is being said to them.


In summary, preparation, clarity and a personal rapport ought to help anyone in their journey towards becoming a keynote speaker. As tricky as it can be, keynote speaking is a rewarding discipline which is what many people fail to notice. It is essential, therefore, to create the best possible content for your events so that you can have a sustained and successful career as a keynote speaker. For more information contact bookings@biancamiller.uk or visit www.biancamiller.uk.

07 Jan 2019

Motivational speaking is not just a profession; it is a form of communicative art. To be a motivational speaker, one must be prepared to inspire and motivate (the clue is in the name!) his or her audience. The aim of most motivational speakers is to entice their audience so that the audience members may transform themselves in order to grow and develop as people. There are multitude of ways that motivational speakers may do this; they may, for example, challenge preheld views, thereby forcing their audience to think differently. That being said, this is not the only method taken. Let us now explore some of the tricks and tips given by some of the world’s leading motivational speakers: Tony Robbins and Suze Orman.


Tony Robbins, formally known as Anthony Jai Robbins, is an American author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Mr Robbins has spoken and presented on a range of topics, such as how to succeed in life, how to add meaning to your life and how to use the power of belief. Mr Robbins uses a method, whereby he challenges his audience to “make your life a masterpiece”. Among motivational speakers this method is very popular, since it motivates the audience to be their best self. Simply providing an audience with statistics and tips isn’t always useful because it does not always make them think actively. Instead by challenging them to be their best self, an audience member is forced to think actively about the ways that she could become a better version of herself. In summary, to be a good motivational speaker, one ought to challenge one’s audience to actively contemplate their lives. In doing so, the audience members will develop a better sense of how and why they should change.


Suze Orman is an American author, financial advisor and motivational speaker. Her ability to come across as passionate and authentic is what sets her apart from many speakers in her field. Moreover, her ability to put across complex points in a simple manner is what gives her legendary status amongst motivational speakers. She does this through her concise and impactful points as well as her clear enunciation. Clarity is often an undermined virtue when it comes to motivational speaking; motivational speakers can often deliver convoluted presentations; however, the best approach to take is to be clear and concise in both your message and your language.


Motivational speakers should always aim to directly challenge their audience to think. By doing so they can transform members of the audience for the better. Motivational speakers should also aim for clarity in order to get their point across clearly. But it is essential to remember that motivational speaking can often be like a performance. It, therefore, must be engaging and above all enjoyable. Without an element of joviality, motivational speakers would fail to connect with their audience on a personal level. For more tips and tricks regarding motivational speaking visit www.biancamiller.uk. or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk .

07 Jan 2019


Whether on YouTube, Netflix or live, a good motivational speaker can make a real difference. Listening to the words of an effective speaker can radically change your emotions in your current environment. Equally, they have the capacity to totally change your outlook on life and even your worldview. It seems almost magical to have the ability to control a mind, yet in essence this is truly what good motivational speakers do. Similar to the tricks of Darren Brown and the like, a good motivational speaker can consciously and subconsciously make a profound difference. Primarily, the choice of words can allow a more memorable experience, and allow what was said within the speech to linger in the minds of the audience. In extension, it takes a certain degree of creativity and lyricism to get the audience to engage and listen in the first place, as it would be fair to say mental change would be difficult if the audience were not listening.


Secondly, the way in which the good motivational speaker delivers the speech makes an enormous difference. Granted, they can be helped or hindered by the choice of venue or the logistical setup, but all in all it is the delivery which really counts. Within sales it is clear that a good salesperson can sell almost any product –  and I believe the same can be said for good motivational speakers. I wholeheartedly believe that a good motivational speaker has the capacity to change round the emotional wellbeing of even the most down and pessimistic person.


There are two main things I have learnt from watching good motivational speakers. The first thing that I have learned is how to be charismatic. A lot of good motivational speakers have excellent stage presence which can well and truly inspire and entertain a crowd. However, this is not always such an easy thing for people to do, because for some people such excitedness does not come naturally. These individuals, however, deliver charismatic presentations through their tone of voice and subtle use of linguistic devices. Some of the greatest motivational speakers are able to have subtle changes in the tone of their voice to emphasise certain lines. Moreover, they are able to pause at just the right time to allow their audience time to reflect and think actively. One of my favourite speakers is Martin Luther King Jr because his tone and language was particularly inspiring for me.


The second thing that I have learned is that to be considered as a good motivational speaker you need a clear and consistent message. You musn’t waver from this message because this message is what will bring you success and allow you to help others. This message should be precise and clear, but, above all, this message should reflect the steps you have taken to succeed in life.


So to conclude, by merging excellence in both wordplay and delivery a good motivational speaker can have a significant impact to absolutely everyone. To get in touch about more good motivational speakers or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk.

04 Jan 2019

The best business motivational speakers will share many common traits with one another. It is likely that they would have done years of research and amassed hours of training just so that they can reach the top. It would seem that being one of the best business motivational speakers requires hours of dedication which, in the end, will hopefully lead to success and global recognition. But my question is this: what does it take to be one of the best business motivational speakers? And, is it possible for a member of the general public to become one? I believe that the answer to my latter-most question is a resounding yes, because the most important thing when starting a career as a business motivational speaker is courage. Let us now explore the other key characteristics of business motivational speakers.


The vast majority of business motivational speakers have been in their field for years, therefore meaning that their levels of knowledge are far beyond those of an average speaker. My advice, therefore, to anyone wishing to become a business motivational speaker is to gain as much knowledge about your field as possible. For example, when delivering a speech, many business motivational speakers would have researched the company and its services weeks (or even months) in advance. This gives them the best chance of producing high quality content which stands them and the firm in good stead. Secondly, it is important to know your audience, because then you will be able to tailor your presentation to their them. By doing so, you are able to create an excellent rapport with the audience members meaning that they are more likely to retain the information that you have given them. After all, it is your job as one of the leading business motivational speakers to entice the audience into consuming whatever good or service you are promoting. It is essential, therefore, to know exactly what the audience likes, and exactly how they like to hear about it.


Besides being aware of your audience, it is important to have the best public speaking skills. Therefore, ensure that you are able to speak eloquently and diligently; however, refrain from using convoluted language which may disguise the message you are trying to give out. Moreover, try to get some humour into your presentation because, at the end of the day, everybody loves a good joke!


So there you have it. Those are my top tips for business motivational speakers. Be sure to research other speakers so you can see just how they do it. To get in touch or for more information on business motivational speaking and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .

07 Dec 2018

What Makes Good Business Speakers?

Many speakers find it difficult to give a speech in which they reveal something about themselves. But the best speeches are usually those in which the speaker gives the audience an insight into his soul life. The more emotional, the better.


In the 21st century, business speakers have become a source of inspiration to many listeners around the world. This is because it requires a degree of expertise to communicate effectively with an audience.  With their speeches, they possess the ability to sway, influence and manipulate public opinions. There are certain attributes business speakers possess which enable them to effectively deliver rousing speeches. Some of them are listed below:


Persuasion skills

Business speakers usually have strong persuasion skills and they must be able to influence the audience with their actions not just words. They must inculcate the values and principles they speak about. This enables the audience to view them as being honest and trustworthy.


Good business speakers are articulate

Good business speakers are usually articulate and eloquent with their words. This is a necessary skill as eloquence breeds confidence and allows for easier communication with the audience. Business speakers need to have a degree of authenticity when delivering speeches. Speakers can share a success story or life experience of theirs. This makes the audience follow through with any call to action.


Business speakers are confident and engaging

When delivering a speech to an audience, a business speaker has to resourcefully connect or engage with the audience as much as possible. This eliminates the chance of the audience being distracted from the speech and gives them a chance to assimilate the speech.  Confidence is a common attribute in many business speakers.


Business speakers must show conviction

When delivering a speech, a business speaker must portray conviction and self-belief in the message he is conveying. A speaker that exudes confidence is perceived as being more knowledgeable, intelligent and smart than a speaker who is less confident. This can be done in various creative ways. For example, questions can be asked to a certain age-group or gender in the audience, or telling a funny joke to liven up the audience.m Passion denotes a strong feeling of intense enthusiasm for something.


A good business speaker must have a strong passion for his subject matter in order to effectively communicate his/her speech. Passion reflects in speech and body language and an audience is influenced by both. A business speaker needs to speak passionately about a subject because it draws attention to the speech which elicits emotions and reactions from the audience.


Another great skill for business speakers is empathy

Regardless of any background, business speakers must be diligent in preparing for any speech. A good business speaker must be able to identify with the feelings of his target audience. In other words, a speaker must understand the worries, concerns, hopes, challenges and fear of his audience. With this attribute, they are able to deliver their speech along the lines that will address the feelings of the audience and motivate them to higher standards.


Business speakers have knowledge of subject matter

Having a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject in discussion enables the speaker to connect with his audience and offer essential and vital information. It also breeds confidence and gives the speaker a degree of control. Good business speakers usually have a range of subjects they specialize in. Some good business speakers such as Bianca Miller, specialise in branding and business, whilst others may focus more on HR. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller, click here.