19 Feb 2019

Motivational speaking seminars are events at which motivational speakers are able to speak to audiences in the hope that they can influence them. Often, speakers will deliver their own personal messages to audiences so that they can force them to have a different perspective on the world which may help them to better their lives. […]

17 Feb 2019

To some, philosophy is considered to be one of the most mundane topic. This, most commonly, is due to the “unanswerable” questions which instil rage in the brains of students. Moreover, the idea that philosophy is useless is because people believe that it has nothing to do with the real world. To these people I […]

17 Feb 2019

By definition, a speakers bureau is an organization which provides speakers to companies or firms for events. These events can range from business conferences to motivational speaking events. It is the job of the the speaking bureau to provide motivational speakers, keynote speakers, comedic speakers and many other types of speakers. Why is it, however, […]

15 Feb 2019

When asked, “which professional motivational speakers do you know?” most people would probably list off people such as Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Mel Robbins or Debra Searle. There is, however, a group of individuals who could potentially be labelled as professional motivational speakers. This group of people often go under the radar as motivational speakers, […]