09 Feb 2019

Everytime I come to make a compilation list of the best motivational speakers I always start out with some rudimentary requirements. I always think to myself “what is it that makes a good motivational speaker?” In my opinion, to be considered as one of the best motivational speakers, one would need to have a clear […]

07 Feb 2019

The best inspirational speakers will all have certain traits in common. Often, the best inspirational speakers tend to be able to connect on a personal level with their audience almost instantly. The reason for the almost instantaneous relationship is due to the background research that the best inspirational speakers will have conducted prior to their […]

06 Feb 2019

Most motivational speakers, these days, have websites which advertise them and their services. This is pretty smart considering that the a large proportion of people spend their days on the internet searching for new and exciting things. The problem is, however, that most motivational speakers do not have new and exciting things on their websites. […]

04 Feb 2019

Lots of people will attend motivational seminars and be somewhat passive in their observations. They may listen to seminars and presentations, go to a few panel talks and then leave; however, in doing so they are not making the most of their experience. Just as the motivational speakers themselves prepare, anyone who goes to motivational […]

02 Feb 2019

Corporate speakers are often highly sought-after individuals due to their ability to sell, inspire, motivate and entertain large audiences. Their infectious personalities make them excellent speakers because they are able to relate to audiences so easily. This is not, however, an innate skill (or at least I do not think it is!). Rather, it is […]

02 Feb 2019

Conference speaking is an extremely rewarding profession because it is a proven way to enhance your brand profile. Not only can being a conference speaker improve your brand profile, but it can also make you more attractive to high-paying clients. If that is not enough motivation to be a conference speaker, then you may want […]

30 Jan 2019

A speakers bureau is an organisation who are involved with providing speakers for clients for events, conferences or charity functions. The types of speakers can include motivational speakers, keynote speakers, conference speakers and so on. Speakers bureaus are often involved with providing clients with the correct style of speaker that they may need for an […]

30 Jan 2019

In a world which is pushing for equal rights between men and women, it is vital to acknowledge the achievements of female motivational speakers because they are truly phenomenal. Many female motivational speakers go unnoticed, but I believe that this is a great evil because it deprives the world of some great speakers with even […]