08 Jan 2018


We are happy to Announce that Bianca Miller-Cole’s recently Debuted book is now a best seller on Amazon!

The Book is a #1 Best Seller for Product management on the ECommerce site and Bianca, Byron and Team are all thrilled with the book’s success.

“I read a lot of self-help books so there is a fair amount of content in this book that I am familiar with. However, I have still found fresh content and benefited from a fresh perspective on content I have already been familiar with. I particularly found very helpful, the ‘Build Your Brand, ‘Advertising Your Business’ and Social Media Marketing (comprehensive and full of great tips).”

“As a number one best-seller you can’t really find anything better to read if you want to get a business idea off the ground. Concise, clear and written UK self made entrepreneurs, it shows how the everyday citizen can become a self made success”

“A motivational guide that gives any budding entrepreneur the inspiration and advice needed to succeed . Definitely worth the purchase and highly recommended”

This authoritative, focused guide by two of the UK’s brightest young entrepreneurs – Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole – is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone who wants to make a success of running their own business. Featuring interviews with well-known entrepreneurs, entertainers and industry experts, the book covers every tier of the business development process, from start-up to exit, offering practical, implementable and global advice on the start-up process. De-coding the jargon that is prevalent in business circles today, this book provides straightforward advice on converting an innovative business concept into a commercially viable proposition. It will help you to avoid the costly common mistakes of many who have gone before you, and create a sustainable enterprise that will flourish. Read Self Made and run your own business without fear of failure. Bianca Miller-Cole is the hugely successful entrepreneur and finalist from The Apprentice 2014 who went on to major business success, founding the BE group and hosiery brand, Bianca Miller London. She is an in demand public speaker and was awarded a Power Profile by Linked in 2016. Byron Cole is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, public speaker, investor, philanthropist and mentor to entrepreneurs and students. He runs the BLC Group, an umbrella company that look after his many business interests.

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