23 Nov 2018

Celebrity speakers

Want to be a celebrity speaker? To answer the supposedly difficult question once and for all: no, you do not have to be born with the talent for free speech. Yes, anyone can become a good speaker. It may be that extroverted people have it a little easier, because they do not have to overcome this threshold. And it may also be that introverted people are often the better celebrity speakers in the end. Here are a few tips to be a great speaker.

Celebrity speakers get audience input


For celebrity speakers whether a free speech or a presentation with media input – it is always about to reach other people in a lecture with their own thoughts, information and messages. This works best when the presentation of the presentation is approached step by step. This creates the appropriate conditions for a successful approach. When preparing a lecture, the following procedure has proven to be useful:

  • Formulate and define lecture goals
  • Carry out target group analysis
  • Identify the substance and content of the presentation
  • Define dramaturgy
  • Make a speech, write and formulate


Celebrity speakers rate the quality of their message.

Do you understand what can be valuable to others about what you say, have you experienced special adversity, or have you received special training as celebrity speakers? To be a successful motivational celebrity speaker, your message must be related to the needs and aspirations of the listener.  Also keep in mind that there are many people who learn easier through their visual channels than the auditory ones.

Celebrity speakers market themselves


When you eventually have your content ready to go and you’re comfortable speaking to an audience, offer to speak for free. Reach out to local organizations who may benefit from your content. There are many conferences around who don’t pay speakers. Apply to speak for them to help you gain practice speaking to a live audience. Some people do a handful of free speaking engagements before they feel equipped to look for paid speaking opportunities while others speak at a few dozen events before they feel comfortable charging. But be prepared to speak for free until you’re in-demand.

Once you feel like you have a talk ready to go, start marketing yourself. Build a website that shows you’re a speaker. Add ‘speaker’ to your social media profiles. Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for speaking engagements. Word of mouth is often a key factor in getting speaking engagements. Keep releasing content too.  Blog about your ideas, guest post on popular sites, make videos or write a book. Release your ideas into the world so you can gain credibility as an expert.

Celebrity speakers are motivational

Motivating others is a product for sale, and some celebrity speaker such as Bianca Miller-Cole do it well. Before arranging a speaking event, think about why someone should pay to hear your message. Become adept at articulating your uniqueness and experience, and show those who follow you how much value you can achieve by listening to them.
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