28 Nov 2018

Best Motivational Speakers and their power.

Motivational speaking is an art itself and it requires a degree of expertise to communicate effectively with an audience. There are certain attributes motivational speakers possess which enable them to effectively deliver rousing speeches. In the 21st century, motivational speakers have become a source of inspiration to many listeners around the world. With their speeches, they possess the ability to sway, influence and manipulate public opinions. Some of them are listed below:


Best motivational speakers and eloquence

Best motivational speakers are usually articulate and eloquent with their words. This is a necessary skill as eloquence breeds confidence and allows for easier communication with the audience.


Motivational speakers show authenticity

Motivational speakers need to have a degree of authenticity when delivering speeches. Speakers can share a success story or life experience of theirs. This makes the audience follow through with any call to action.


Motivational Speakers and Passion

Passion denotes a strong feeling of intense enthusiasm for something. A good motivational speaker must have a strong passion for his subject matter in order to effectively communicate his/her speech. Passion reflects in speech and body language and an audience is influenced by both. A motivational speaker needs to speak passionately about a subject because it draws attention to the speech which elicits emotions and reactions from the audience.


Motivational speakers and empathy

A good motivational speaker must be able to identify with the feelings of his target audience. In other words, a speaker must understand the worries, concerns, hopes, challenges and fear of his audience. With this attribute, they are able to deliver their speech along the lines that will address the feelings of the audience and motivate them to higher standards.


Regardless of any background, motivational speakers must be diligent in preparing for any speech. Speakers must conduct extensive research on the subject matter so as to be well informed. Speeches also have to be practiced to get rid of nervousness and to organize the speech in an articulate manner.


Integrity with motivational speakers

Integrity is complete, unflinching honesty as regards to what you say as a speaker. Motivational speakers usually have strong persuasion skills and they must be able to influence the audience with their actions not just words.  They must inculcate the values and principles they speak about. This enables the audience to view them as being honest and trustworthy.


More About Bianca Miller – one of the best motivational  speakers

Bianca Miller is the founder of The Be Group and Bianca Miller London, is an award-winning entrepreneur, and motivational and keynote speaker that specialises in personal branding, image consultancy and employability skills training. Bianca is known for her ability to engage, excite and inspire any audience. Her inspirational speakers has various topics such as Dreams to Reality, Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up, Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business, Personal Branding and High Impact Leadership.


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