04 Dec 2018

What Makes Good Business Motivational Speakers?

To be a good business motivational speaker, in order to find the right words and to give them even more meaning through appropriate body language, you need to work daily on your speaking practice and perfect it through experience and new knowledge. Here are some more tips.


 Good Business Motivational Speakers must be clear and concise

We must take the speech structured by points, learned by heart to avoid blockages and with the ideas we want to convey very clearly.An motivational speaker must have order and a coherence to be able to follow it and remember the speech.



 Good Business Motivational Speakers must show Enthusiasm

What would we think of a speaker who appears before us half lying down, hiding or swinging in a chair, no matter how excellent the speech was? Avoid a peroration causing a good impression. And one last piece of advice: Present yourself with a costume that suits the situation.


 Good Business Motivational Speakers Must Be Motivated

If you are not motivated yourself, you can not motivate others! Others need to feel a positive mood in you: a positive energy in your thoughts, actions, and behavior. Your entire life has to be a positive experience for others. As a motivational speaker you are a kind of torchbearer for others. Only then will they accept you. You and your life become the model for others.


 Good Business Motivational Speakers must Be Honest

Honesty is the most important virtue for any motivational speaker. Yes, and they all have great willpower. Good motivational speakers have no problem talking about their mistakes. They hide nothing and remain honest in their statements.


Business motivational speakers knowledge of subject matter

Regardless of any background, motivational speakers must be diligent in preparing for any speech. Speakers must conduct extensive research on the subject matter so as to be well informed.


Speeches also have to be practiced to get rid of nervousness and to organize the speech in an articulate manner.  Business motivational speakers usually have a range of subjects they specialize in. Some business motivational speakers such as Bianca Miller, specialise in branding and business, whilst others may focus more on HR.


Whatever your specialism, you must be conversant and informed in these subjects which in turn give them the ability to efficiently deliver speeches in a concise and captivating manner.  Having a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject in discussion enables the speaker to connect with his audience and offer essential and vital information. It also breeds confidence and gives the speaker a degree of control.