09 Jan 2019

Let me first begin with a question: What do you think of when you hear someone say “inspirational speaker”? For me, I think of an individual who is able to inspire and motivate an individual to think differently about the world that they are in. Moreover, I think of an individual who can deliver succinct yet meaningful statements which force an audience to take interest into whatever it is that the speaker is presenting on. That is just my opinion; however, it is important to notice that many inspirational speakers are capable of what I have just mentioned. Not only are these inspirational speakers capable, they are able to excel in their field. What it is, then, that allows these people to be so good? What makes a good inspirational speaker?


One method that many inspirational speakers use is that they always have stories to tell. Now, these stories do not have to be emotional backstories (although they can be). They just need to be enough to entice an audience member; as humans we are often captivated by stories, so if inspirational speakers can catch our attention via the medium of story, they will have a good chance of getting their message across. Nick Vujicic is an example of a man with an exceptional story. He was born without limbs, and spent a vast portion of his life in a state of loneliness and depression. By sharing his story, and by sharing the way that he has overcome his challenges, Nick is able to inspire others to overcome their challenges. A simple story, therefore, can have large implications on the lives of others; it can cause change (often quite radical change), so choose it wisely and make sure that it fits with the message that you are trying to get across.


A second trait among many inspirational speakers is passion. Most inspirational speakers believe wholeheartedly in what they are trying to say, therefore they deliver their message in as passionate a way as possible. With passion comes confidence; most inspirational speakers are 100% confident in their message and this is often reflected in the manner in which they speaker. Hence, to follow in the footsteps of many previous inspirational speakers, one must be passionate and confident in the message one is putting across.


To conclude, inspirational speaking is a fascinating field because it gives people the opportunity to change peoples’ lives with a single, often simple message. For more information on inspirational speakers visit www.biancamiller.uk or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk