09 Jan 2019

A keynote speaker is an individual who delivers a speech or presentation during a corporate (or business) event. The main aim of most keynote speakers is to outline key premises and ideas that a firm, business or individual is attempting to get across to an audience. This is not an easy task due to the fact that a vast number of people fear the mere idea of giving a presentation to a large audience. Moreover, people often fear that they will not be able to get across their message clearly, therefore meaning that they will not have succeeded in promoting whatever good or service they have to offer. This is made all the more difficult since so many people have realised the importance of being able to speak to large crowds, in order to deliver meaningful presentations. There are just so many good public speakers! Let us explore some of the ways that you could improve your public speaking skills to become the best possible keynote speaker that you can be.


The primary way of selling yourself as a good keynote speaker is by creating a personal connection with an audience. Such a connection would allow a keynote speaker to entice their audience, therefore meaning that they have their full attention. This is vital because it allows you to truly sell what it is that you are talking about. Many keynote speakers attempt to use personal examples so that they can create a rapport with their audience – this is, arguably, the most effective manner of establishing a sound and helpful relationship with an audience.


A keynote can also grab the attention of her audience by effectively using digital aids. Powerpoint presentations, images and clips would allow a keynote speaker to clearly outline the most prevalent points in their presentation. Most keynote speakers bombard their audience with lists of bullet points; however, a message can be put across in a much more concise manner. By simply allocating one key point its own slide, a speaker can create clarity whilst giving her audience the best chance to remember what is being said to them.


In summary, preparation, clarity and a personal rapport ought to help anyone in their journey towards becoming a keynote speaker. As tricky as it can be, keynote speaking is a rewarding discipline which is what many people fail to notice. It is essential, therefore, to create the best possible content for your events so that you can have a sustained and successful career as a keynote speaker. For more information contact bookings@biancamiller.uk or visit www.biancamiller.uk.