12 Jan 2019

Motivational speaking is very similar to inspirational speaking. Both disciplines require a speaker to cultivate thoughts and ideas in the head of an individual which he or she would not have had without the help of the speaker. But, in my opinion, motivational speaking (and inspirational speaking) is much more than an ordinary job. It is a form of art whereby it is the job of the speaker to paint a picture, or set a scene through a performance. Now, this performance needn’t be dramatic; all this performance needs to be is impactful. A motivational speaker could influence the lives of millions through a single performance. It is for this reason that I feel that we owe gratitude to those who partake in the art form which is motivational speaking. I would like to explain the reason(s) that I hold motivational speakers in such high regard, in the hope that you may, one day, share my feelings.


The main reason that I am a fan of motivational speaking is because it creates a huge platform where people can share their stories. These stories are not always dramatic adventures but, nonetheless, they can still have profound effects on an individual. Tony Robbins, for example, is known for the fact that he has come from humble beginnings. By sharing his story to success Robbins is able to teach the public about what steps they should (and should not) take, in order to enjoy life to its fullest. With an estimated worth of $480 million, Robbins teaches that one ought to aim for a balanced life in which we look to overcome our problems. Therefore, by sharing his story Robbins has been able to influence the lives of many people in the hope that they move (or stay) on a path towards success. Without the motivational speaking platform, the progress of many individuals would be hindered. We must hence praise all of the people who partake in motivational speaking, because without their work, our lives would not be quite as good as they are.


A second reason that I like motivational speaking is because anybody can get involved. All one needs to get involved in motivational speaking is courage – courage to get up in front of a large audience and speak. This is, of course, not an easy thing to do, however the fact that the opportunity to speak freely to the masses is on offer is incredible. We have the potential to speak about what we feel passionate about should we so wish. And through said speaking, we have the potential to influence so many people so that they can flourish and grow. This is what makes motivational speaking so special – it allows one to connect with many, and through this connection many people can benefit.


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