14 Jan 2019

Motivational speakers are always finding innovative methods which allow them to plant new ideas into the heads of their audience. The top motivational speakers are those who can influence others in a simple, yet effective, manner. To do this, a person would be required to produce lots of content to raise their profile. Large amounts of content is what allows top motivational speakers to stay at the top; they are always renewing their thoughts, therefore, they are always challenging and inspiring the public. Alongside this, the top motivational speakers are diligent, concise and passionate: this allows them to entice audience members and get across a clear and precise message. Let us look at the work of a few of the top motivational speakers to see just how they do it.


Joe Simpson is a British author, mountaineer and motivational speaker. He is most famous for his personal story called “Touching the Void”. The story is about a time that he was mountaineering and how he unfortunately fell into a crevasse. He was thought to be lost; however, he managed (somehow) to make his way to base camp. He did, however, sustain some severe injuries along the way. His style of speaking is diligent and often somewhat humorous. The top motivational speakers use humour as a way of engaging with their audience on a personal level. Humour also allows an easier transition through the darker and more saddening parts of a presentation. By telling his story – and by not actively prescribing advice for his audience – Joe is able to force his audience to think actively about the key messages that underlie the majority of his presentations. Joe’s most poignant point is: no matter how tough things may become, we can always overcome them and succeed.


John Peters is another of the top motivational speaker who uses humour to engage with his audience. His story is certainly a harrowing one; his beaten face became a symbol of Saddam Hussein’s brutality as it was shown on television screens around the world in 1991. Despite the difficult nature of his story, Peters manages to use humour to show his audience that there can always be light, even in dark moments. Moreover, he explains the struggles which he has had in life, in order to show his audiences the importance of dealing with difficult times. Overall, I would say that John’s story makes us think about the sometimes difficult nature of human life, however, it also allows us to overcome the challenges we may face.


As we have seen, the top motivational speakers often share some chilling stories, however they do it in a manner which sheds light on such dark tales. That is what makes them the top motivational speakers. For more information visit www.biancamiller.uk or contact bookings@biancamiller.uk .