18 Jan 2019

The facets of an effective sales speaker lurk deep in the realm of speaking, and is often regarded one of the hardest forms of speaking. Usually, a speaker’s aim is to persuade of a point of view, to inspire to do something or to evoke a specific emotion. In sales, all aspects of speaking are combined to the ultimate goal of promoting the audience with their hard earned money to buy what you are selling. You must persuade them that your product is the best. You must inspire them to dig out their wallet and make the effort to buy your product/service. An most importantly, you must inspire them to have confidence in you, that what you’re saying is true and they should place their most valuable possession in you – trust. Sales speakers know an awful lot about trust, and to an extent life as a sales speaker becomes exponentially easier as your capacity to gain trust becomes natural.


If you ask sales speakers what they have most of, I can guarantee it won’t be money, it won’t be cars and it won’t be famousness. What they have more than anybody else short of the queen is trust. As a buyer, you must trust the seller that the product is as you say it is, and does what you say it will do. If you sell a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck, they simply will not trust you to part with cash to help you achieve your aim.


So, having established the importance of the possession that is trust – how does an effective sales speaker go about getting it? First, a relationship must be built with the audience. Whether you are speaking to a single person or to an auditorium of thousands, the listener must genuinely feel they know you. By doing this, you subconsciously build and empathetic relationship with the listener, and when it comes down to the selling, they will naturally feel more inclined to help you out as they generally like you. To a certain extent this requires a modacome of dramatism in order to portray the character you think will best get along with your audience. There is a reason why clowns are the best medium to sell balloon animals to children. By becoming a colourful character with face painted and fancy clothes, the children develop a relationship, and become genuinely excited to get what the clown has – his balloons. The same theory applies in the corporate world – when selling to businesspeople, choose language and form suitable to talk to them and I can guarantee they will engage with you. By establishing trust, you will become a ture sales speaker.


So to conclude, by establishing trust a you turn a desperate, pleading salesmen into a flourishing, personable sales speaker – and someone who you sincerely wish to do business with. It is something challenging yet rewarding, both emotionally and financially. To get in touch about sales speakers or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk.