26 Jan 2019

Planning any event is stressful. This is especially true when a speaker is involved, as you are placing the attention of your guests into the hands of one person, generally skilled in the art of communication and who has the capacity to manipulate the audience (your guests) into thinking a certain way.  Two things are paramount when booking a guest speaking: context and aims. I will elaborate on these two things later, but let me stress the benefit hiring a speaker at an event can have. Just as event speakers have the capacity to turn your guests off, they also can do the opposite that is hopefully more often the case. If anybody reading this now is wondering whether to get an event speaker for your event – do it, but take on board these view bits of advice first.

We can all agree inviting a comedian to a funeral is probably a bad idea. Similarly, a religious preacher at a kid’s birthday party would be inappropriate and distasteful. Both examples here display a complete ignorance of context – a key part of any event that any good planner has complete grasp of. No speaker is the same just as no event is the same, and it is crucial, albeit difficult, to find the correct speaker for your unique event. Like an enzyme to its active site, the ideal speaker slides comfortably into the hole designated for the event speaker at your function. Their speech fits suitably into the order of proceedings, and the common themes expressed by both the event speaker and your event in general are shared. The message delivered is no surprise to the audience, as they expect an acknowledgement of theme within the event. To take the above examples, the comedian would not echo the sadness and mourning of a funeral.

This example shows an ignorance of the emotion involved in an event. In the second example, there will be a total lack of understanding on the children’s part, demonstrating a lack of appreciation for the audience-speaker relation.

The second key concept when choosing and event speaker is aims. What do you want your speaker to achieve? What do you want your audience to get out of their experience with your chosen event speaker? These two very important questions can make or break your event, as we have all sat through a totally uninfluencial and uninspiring speech with no particular message or aim – there is truly nothing worse! Therefore, keep in mind what an event speaker claims they will achieve, and measure up their aim with yours. If they are shared: fantastic. If they are not do not worry, there are thousands of event speakers out there and even if at first glance they do not fit there is also scope for adjustment and compensation between both parties.

To conclude an event speaker is a role not to be underestimated at a function. The context of the event and aim of the speaker are two fundamental factors to be considered when choosing event speakers, and when chosen right can really make an evening. To get in touch about event speakers or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk.