04 Feb 2019

Lots of people will attend motivational seminars and be somewhat passive in their observations. They may listen to seminars and presentations, go to a few panel talks and then leave; however, in doing so they are not making the most of their experience. Just as the motivational speakers themselves prepare, anyone who goes to motivational seminars ought to prepare themselves for the experience – this will allow them to maximise the amount of things they learn. Moreover, it is vital to be passive when attending motivational seminars because it will allow you to make the most for them. Merely going to a motivational seminar and being passive will leave you feeling somewhat underwhelmed and will most certainly leave your uninformed. I would, therefore, like to share my two top tips for what to do if you are going to motivational seminars.


My first tip for going to motivational seminars is to prepare before you go. Sounds simple enough, right? By preparing, you allow yourself the best chance to know who you are going to be listening to. Moreover, you will have a general gist of what their messages are which will allow you to strengthen your understanding when you are actually at the event. Furthermore, by being more prepared than others beforehand, you can already have questions which you may want answered by the speakers themselves. Essentially, I am preparing you so that you can get the most information from the talks that you hear. I, like many of you, have been passive through many seminars and have not learned a lot from them. When I was active, however, I learned a great deal more and was all the more satisfied when I left the event. The simplest way to prepare yourself is to browse through the speakers list and visit a few of their websites so you can have a broad insight into what it is that they specialize in.


My second piece of advice is to be active, not passive. What I mean by this is when you are listening to a seminar speaker, actively mull over what they are saying to you, rather than passively accepting what they say as truth. By thinking actively, you allow yourself to take on the information which you find useful, and forget the things that you find irrelevant. Moreover, if you were to passively accept everything, you are more likely to be disappointed when certain methods fail for you. By actively thinking, therefore, you avoid disappointment.


I hope that these tips will be useful for all of you who will be going to any motivational seminars. Most of all, however, make sure you enjoy the experience! To get in touch or for more information on motivational seminars and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk .