15 Feb 2019

When asked, “which professional motivational speakers do you know?” most people would probably list off people such as Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Mel Robbins or Debra Searle. There is, however, a group of individuals who could potentially be labelled as professional motivational speakers. This group of people often go under the radar as motivational speakers, however they are well-known for their companies, podcasts, Instagram accounts and (most importantly) their videos. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am suggesting that Youtubers could be labelled as professional motivational speakers due to their capacity to captivate large audiences with simple videos. Although some Youtubers merely use the platform for entertainment purposes, a lot of influencers use it to instil a message which they believe the world needs to hear. They often do so through the medium of funny sketches or sometimes serious videos. Nonetheless, they have the ability to share these messages and that is why I believe that they can be considered as professional motivational speakers. Let me develop my points, in order to explain the connection between motivational speakers and Youtubers.


One reason that Youtubers can act as professional motivational speakers is due to their ability to transmit a simple motivational message through the medium of language. Although not all Youtubers present their messages as presentations, they still act as motivators through the medium of written words on a screen. This is evident, for example, through the work of Ben Lionel Scott who creates motivational videos which encourage people to “control their lives so that life doesn’t control them” or to “keep going through errors in order to find the right way.” Mr Scott is transmitting his message in the same way that a professional motivational speaker may do, therefore showing his capacity to motivate an audience. Moreover, his videos feature real people living their lives and trying to be better, therefore meaning that his audience can relate to those people just as they would relate to an anecdote at a professional motivational speaker’s conference. In sum, Youtubers have the capacity to use their platform to influence people in the same way that professional motivational speakers do. The only slight difference is that they are not performing at a conference to a live audience.


A common thing that youtubers also do is to reflect on the year that has gone by. Many youtubers created reviews of their 2019 year to show people how things were for them. Naturally, there were ups and downs but the videos showed just how youtubers can inspire people to be their best self by showing how they face adversity and by showing how they allow themselves to triumph. A lot of it is down to hard work, organization and dedication; skills which we can all learn from the unknown professional motivational. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  ,call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk