17 Feb 2019

By definition, a speakers bureau is an organization which provides speakers to companies or firms for events. These events can range from business conferences to motivational speaking events. It is the job of the the speaking bureau to provide motivational speakers, keynote speakers, comedic speakers and many other types of speakers. Why is it, however, that we need these organisations? Is it not easier to directly contact a speaker to book his or her services? Does it not save the hassle of having to go through an agency. I would say not. Speaking bureaus act as a means to an end; by this I mean that they allocate us with the best speaker for our event, therefore meaning that we avoid the hassle of searching endlessly for the speaker that we want. By having a centralized service which groups together speakers, we are able to simply browse for the type of speaker that we want (rather than searching mindlessly for a specific speaker). Let us explore some of the other benefits of speaking bureaus.


The primary benefit of speaking bureaus is mentioned above: they act as a centralized agency which provides us easy access to speakers who will be able to better our events. They are also beneficial because they provide us with the names of speakers whom we previously did not know. It is human instinct to choose the biggest names that we know; however, speaking bureaus offer a wide range of speakers that often fly under the radar. Furthermore, it can quite often be that these people are exactly who we were searching for. We, therefore kill two birds with one stone by using a speaking bureau; we are able to find the perfect speaker and we needn’t go through the hassle of contacting him or her directly.


In addition, some speaking bureaus offer alternative services such as Executive Learning masterclasses. These sessions are offered by the London Speakers’ Bureau as a service which is offered to senior managers and tailor made to teach them more about leadership, thereby allowing them to better their skills. Furthermore, The London Speakers’ Bureau also offers Boardroom advice to businesses to enable them to maximise their potential. These services are not offered by all speaking bureaus, however that is what makes the London SPeakers’ Bureau stand out among the competition.


We see, therefore, that speaking bureau’s offer effective services for anyone seeking for professional speakers. They offer straightforward advice and function due to their leaders’ ability to network and promote themselves. To get in touch or for more information on speaking bureaus and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  ,call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk