11 Mar 2019


Different occasions require different types of speakers. A good order tramadol online india local motivational speaker has to connect with local interests, in order to inspire the audience. In order to motivate the audience, a local motivational speaker must understand what their daily life is like and what they want the most. This is different from speaking at a national or even international conference and it requires good research and preparation.


At the local level, a local motivational speaker is less likely to motivate the crowd by using stories of famous people in the world or the experience of a successful businessman working in a transnational cooperation. Yes, the audience will certainly understand your message and they may even be familiar with the stories that you are telling them. However, these stories will not touch them. For the local audience, this is too unrelated and unreal. A good local motivational speaker must therefore try to understand local life, and be aware of what represents a good life in that certain area. In order to do so, a good local motivational speaker will do lots of research and perhaps even talk to the locals before he make his speech.


An example of a good local motivational speaker is President Trump. Regardless of your personal political view, one must agree that he is very good at motivating a crowd and turning them into loyal supporters. Not only can he address his audience at the national or international level, he is also a good local motivational speaker. During his 2016 election campaign, he went to many local areas in the so called ‘Blue Wall States’, otherwise known as the ‘Rusted Belt’. The local population have been suffering due to the relocation of many industries. Instead of  speaking about national interests such as equality for women and LGBT or relationships with Russia or China, Trump did what a good local motivational speaker would do — talk about the local communities. He didn’t bother using some stories of famous entrepreneurs to motivate the crowd. Instead, he talked about how the audience can revive their local economy by supporting his protectionist policies and how he will bring the factories back. He knew what the local audience wanted and he understood the difficulties they were facing. He then created a hope and a goal for the local people, which motivated them to campaign and vote for him. Trump was successful because he engaged with the locals and spoke from a local point of view. This evidently shows the importance of understanding the local areas and audience, who you are speaking to.


To sum up, being a good motivational speaker in your company, or at an international business conference, will not automatically make you a good local motivational speaker. One must train, prepare and adapt to different situations. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk