15 Mar 2019

Welcome to my first newsletter of 2019, I genuinely cannot believe it is March already, I had every intention of starting more regular update emails from the start of the new year. What an incredibly busy new year it has been!


 The team and I have been really busy working on a number of projects and initiatives in addition to our normal business activities. We are excited to share them with you below!


Everything from becoming a Forbes contributor and posting a whole array of articles, to fresh video content, business tips, International Women’s Day thoughts and the Self Made Podcast! Phew, I told you we had been busy! 

In December I officially became a Forbes Contributor and 48,000 people read my article!

In December 2018 I became a Forbes Contributor, after being listed in the Forbes ’30 Under 30’ hall of fame, I wanted to contribute more to the platform. Since then I have started to regularly contribute to Forbes with my insights into leadership, small business, entrepreneurship and much more. Some of my most popular articles have been seen by tens of thousands of individuals across the globe including marketing irregularities such as the world record egg, changes in your lifestyle to have a successful career, and top 10 skills to be an effective leader.

Read my full list of articles including my latest ‘5 easy steps to conflict resolutions in life and in business below.

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Scale ups & Barclaycard

I worked with Konrad Kelling, Managing Director of Payments Solutions at Barclaycard on the release of new market research about scaling businesses. It was an honour to spend the morning doing a broadcasting day, sharing these new findings with radio stations across the UK. The world of start ups is often what we all speak about, this new research was really interesting as magnifying glass on what happens next !

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Self Assessments & Quickbooks Connect

In February Quickbooks asked me to complete a challenge, I like a good challenge so who am I to say no!

The challenge was to complete my self assessment via their app whilst in a 120mph wind tunnel completing an indoor skydive. I also attended the Quickbooks Connect event, where they discussed the great strides they are making in making tax digital with hundreds of business owners accountants and specialists.

Watch the video above!


For one night, I am giving up the warmth and security of my home and bed and I am  sleeping out to to raise more awareness of homelessness. One main aim’s of this awareness is to raise funds to help homeless individuals on the road to independence.

Evolve house 700 homeless people and most crucially provide services to support each person to completely rebuild their life. This is so they can live positively and independently. This is no quick fix. This is life-long change.  For this I am undertaking the challenge and would ask others to do the same, you can read my justgiving bio and sponsor me for this challenge by clicking the read more button below.

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International Womens Day

with CMS Law & De Beers Group

On International Women’s Day last week I was busy celebrating IWD and the successes of women (and helping future leaders) with the likes of CMS Law and De Beers Group. Facilitating keynote speeches and Personal Branding Workshops to the large groups of women and young ladies.

I know lots of amazing women in the business and corporate world but we still haven’t achieved gender parity or equal pay so the journey continues ! It is great to see large corporations such as CMS Law and De Beers Group working diligently to further the career advancement of the women in their organisation and female students.

Thank you to all of my other clients I have been working with over the last few months including a mature returners programme at Accenture, a company wide development conference with American Express, Accenture Intern Induction programme and the amazing events I have towards the end of the month in the UK and Ireland. Very exciting times!