21 Mar 2019

Unfortunately, one of the greatest tragedies of our past has been the oppression of women in our society leading to a world dominated by men. As a result, it has long been the case that women have been few in the positions of leadership and power in the world, whether it be in STEM fields or politics. Yet, women today are readily changing this trend, and Inspirational women speakers are a testament to this, devoting their lives in service to others by sharing their remarkable life experiences and challenges in order to inspire the younger generations of not only women but men. The number of inspirational women speakers is becoming more prevalent. There are a plethora of noteworthy inspirational women speakers, however, the following women have proven themselves to be exceptional and are inspirational speakers in their own right.


Helen Clark is a politician from New Zealand who has lead at the top position as the first female president of New Zealand.  Additionally, she has held leadership positions in the United Nations as the Administrator of the UN Development programme. With such an illustrious career filled with leadership positions, it is unsurprising that she has gone on to become a strong advocate for gender equality and women leadership in the modern world. She gives regular inspirational talks, usually teaching and inspiring the young women of this generation to strive to attain positions in leadership. Clark’s trademark of strong imperatives within her talks to inspire her listeners, along with being an embodiment of her message, earns her a spot as one of the best inspirational women speakers of today


Dr Ayesha Khanna is the CEO of an artificial intelligence firm and advises leading corporations and governments with strategic advice for their use of artificial intelligence. In 2017 her firm appeared in Forbes magazine as one of the four leading intelligence companies in Asia. Khanna clearly has a successful career, however, in addition to this, she has given a vast number of speeches on topics relating to artificial intelligence and innovation within the modern world. Her speeches are remarkable, due to her ability to engage listeners and inspire the listeners to question their view of the world and allow them to open their commonly narrow train of thought to innovative ideas, which she frequently creates. Consequently, these speeches provide food for the mind and justify her a place as a leading inspirational women speaker.


A stranger too few, Oprah Winfrey, is a billionaire American talk show host and philanthropist. Oprah Winfrey uses her successful life to inspire others, especially to empower African American women. One of her most famous speeches is called “Power to women”, which urges all to listen to her. Her authenticity and use of personal anecdotes touches her listeners by appealing to their emotions (and brought many to tears). This, along with her charity work, makes Oprah one of best inspirational women speakers of our time.


There are many more significant inspirational women speakers, however, the three discussed are some of the best. If you’re interested in exploring other inspirational women speakers or have any questions regarding this topic please visit www.biancamiller.uk or get in touch via bookings@bianacamiller.uk