27 Mar 2019

Before becoming a motivational speaker we need to understand what it is to be a motivational speaker. ‘A motivational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches that motivate or inspire an audience’. The need for motivational speakers has increased because of the stressful world we live in. Many people therefore have decided to become motivational speakers to make a difference in today’s world. However, becoming a motivational speaker is no small feat. It is quite complex as there are many factors that contribute to becoming one. Nonetheless, in this article, we will discuss a few tips on how to become a motivational speaker.


Perhaps the most important step on how to become a motivational speaker, involves developing ideas to discuss. Public speaking and more so motivational speaking requires you to have a developed idea that people are receptive to. Because it’s such an important step to becoming a motivational speaker, it’s vital to invest a lot of time thinking about the message you want to portray. If you use authentic ideas, you are different to the generic motivational speaker and more likely to stand out.


Secondly, you should gain skills in speaking. Speaking is a skill which very few people are naturally blessed with; therefore, it requires a lot of work. If you have created an exceptional message it’s no use if you deliver it in an incorrect fashion. Therefore, it’s a good idea to join a speaking group online, or a physical group, to practice speaking to an audience. It is also worth watching some of the industry’s leading motivational speakers such as Les Brown and others.


Thirdly, you need to market yourself and test your content to people. The internet is a valuable tool and you can use it to create a website in order to reach out a greater audience. You can also join agencies to find jobs around your country. There are even conferences every year that I advise you to attend to advertise yourself to your chosen audience. Tied in with this concept, testing your content on the internet will provide you with millions of people that can advise you on what you can improve until you master your craft.


The three steps discussed are just a few that you can apply if you desire to become a motivational speaker. There are also many other sound tips to consider and to find out more about those please get in touch with Bianca Miller-Cole by email on bookings@biancamiller.uk, call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk