27 Mar 2019

The youth of today are notorious for their idleness, and often need constant motivation to do work. Youth motivational speakers are very useful on this front as they provide their expertise to hopefully motivate the youths they speak to. Youth motivational speakers often go to institutions such as schools and universities to reach a wider audience, however, some don’t stop there and try and reach out to youths across the globe such as those in developing countries. In this blog, we will consider some of the best youth motivational speakers today.

Brian Williams is a youth motivational speaker who has earned several awards due to his energy that he passes off to the youth. Brian is a speaker that has traveled to over 250000 students across the United States and has not limited himself as he has traveled to Kenya 9 times. Brian has a natural passion to motivate and inspire the youth and teaches that everyone, no matter how rich or poor, has the ability to impact someone’s life for the better. His devotion to the youth and strong message, earns Brian a place as one of the best youth motivational speakers.


The ability to connect and speak to today’s youth order accutane from india especially when you are not their peers is a skill many speakers lack. Youth motivational speaking though seems to come naturally to Josh Sundquist. Josh is a youth speaker who uses his experience of losing a leg to motivate teenagers to keep certain beliefs in their mind. Those include resilience, courage and a planned view of the future. Josh also has teen leadership groups and goes from school to school motivating students. This along with his remarkable experience as a Paralympian makes Josh an extraordinary youth motivational speaker.


Youth motivational speaker Scott Backovich has devoted his life to motivating teens through his exceptional speaking. Backovich’s speeches have earned a glistening reputation, as a result, he is an internationally demanded speaker in the United States. He focuses, like many youth motivational speakers, on empowering the generation and giving them more confidence, however his talent to connect to the youth and his powerful language places him as one of the best motivational speakers today.


These are just three youth motivational speakers however there are many more noteworthy speakers and to find out more on this topic, or to get in touch with  Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk