29 Mar 2019


Good after dinner speakers are different from normal speakers. You might think it is hard enough to speak to an audience at a conference, but try to speak to hundreds of people who have just had a nice meal, with a few glasses of wine and are eager to go home because it is late in the evening. A good after dinner speaker has to seek the attention of well-fed, tired audience members. It is easy to say but difficult to do.


A common feature of good after dinner speakers is humour. After dinner speaking is different from normal speaking in a conference or business meeting. The audience usually don’t want to listen to a serious speech during their meal. Thus, it is crucial for a good after dinner speaker to lighten the mood, perhaps by adding some jokes or funny stories into the speech. A funny after dinner speech will lighten the mood and create a more amicable atmosphere for whatever happens after the dinner.


Another common feature of good after dinner speakers is charisma. First impressions are always important and they are crucial in the field of after dinner speaking. It is important for the after dinner speaker to charm the audience at the beginning, otherwise the audience will quickly lose interests and focus and maybe even start chatting buy ambien online fast delivery among themselves. Good after speakers always bare in mind that people are more likely to lose focus and concentration at dinners, because people are sitting close to each other in small groups, instead of the conventional seating arrangement for conferences or meetings. A charismatic speaker will have an easier time keeping the audience engaged.


Good after dinner speakers will have very good speaking skills. Contrary to normal speakers, after dinner speakers usually have a tight time limit. They must convey their message using concise and clear language. No one wants to hear a long speech late in the evening. For the same reason, good after dinner speakers must also deliver the speech in a logical and simple manner because very few people will try hard to understand your thoughts after a big meal. One of the common ways to conduct an after dinner speech is by sharing life experiences or stories. Good after dinner speakers must therefore prepare some stories to tell. These stories also have to vary so that they will suit different groups of audience.


It requires courage, confidence and, just like many things in life, practices to be a good after dinner speaker. To find out more about after dinner speaking, please get in touch with Bianca Miller-Cole by email on bookings@biancamiller.uk, call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk