29 Mar 2019

Business motivational speakers have a tricky task on their hands, since they are responsible for motivating and inspiring businesses to achieve their maximum potential. At first glance, this may not seem to be overly difficult; however, once one realises the finer details of the job, one notices just how much business motivational speakers must do. A business can be compared to an intricate puzzle – let us imagine it has 10,000 pieces – which must be fully assembled, in order for it function adequately. If it is not correctly built, the business will be lacking and, as a consequence, it will be inefficient and unable to achieve its maximum potential. The business motivational speakers, therefore, act as if they are the puzzle makers; they must accurately build the puzzle so that no pieces are out of place. In fact, even the analogy of a 10,000 piece puzzle makes the task seem easy! In my opinion, it is essential for business motivational speakers to have their own philosophy which enables them to enhance a business, such that it thrives in its given industry. Let us explore some of the features of a top business philosophy.


The first, and most important, thing that any business motivational speaker should promote is clarity. By clarity, I mean that business motivational speakers should attempt to help businesses create a clear, rational and balanced plan which will allow them to avoid mistakes. The key word to notice here is rational, since rationality is what allows for mental clarity. This was identified by Plato who likened the mind to a chariot. His allegory of the chariot suggested that the mind was tripartite and that the rational part of the mind controlled the mind’s desires and emotions, thereby allowing for clarity and balance. In the same sense, it is important for businesses to be rational so that they can attain similar levels of clarity which should, in turn, allow them to understand what they are aiming to achieve.


Secondly, business motivational speakers should emphasise the fact that businesses have freedom to innovate, create and do as they please. By doing so, they are able to create new ideas which have hitherto been unexplored. This would set them apart from competitors; therefore, meaning that they can be the leading company within their industry. This idea of freedom was encapsulated by the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre who suggested that we have freedom to shape our character. This suggests that we are born from the subjective and, therefore, have the ability to move ourselves in whatever direction we want. We are, however, entirely responsible for our character (since we have this radical freedom), so it must be used wisely. The same can apply to a business, since they must be innovative – and use their freedom – in order to stay ahead, but they must also be careful to avoid problems.


These are just two things that business motivational speakers may promote to their clients. There are, of course, many other attributes that business motivational speakers may talk about, but these two stand out to me as they allow for individuality, and effective production. To get in touch, or for more information on business motivational speakers and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk