31 Mar 2019

For centuries, women have had their voices suppressed by the dominant forces of our patriarchal society. Only recently, have people begun to treat women fairly and with equality, thereby allowing them to flourish and speak out on issues which they believe to be important. As many women still suffer at the hands of patriarchy, I think it is important to raise awareness of those women who have inspired people and spoken out to help others. By doing so, I hope that we can inspire other women to speak out about what they believe in. Let us, therefore, explore the work of the top 3 female keynote speakers. These female keynote speakers have been inspirational to many people around the world, and are world experts in their fields. Their views are unique and inspiring, therefore meaning that they are listed among the top female keynote speakers.


The first of the three female keynote speakers is Alex Polizzi – the woman who is known for hosting the show “The Hotel Inspector”. As a speaker, Alex is renowned for her confident style which enables her to persuade audiences to listen to her message. Moreover, her evident success makes her a living embodiment of her own model for success. Alex is well known for helping small or unsuccessful businesses to grow and become successful. Her appetite for success and desire for perfection is what makes order tramadol cod online here one of the best female keynote speakers.


Belinda Parmar is the second person on the list of the top 3 female keynote speakers. Belinda is CEO of The Empathy Business and author of Little Miss Geek. The reason that Belinda is labelled as one of the best female keynote speakers is because she shows the importance of empathy as a key to business success. According to Belinda, “Those companies at the top of The Empathy Business Global Index have been shown to increase in value more than twice as much as the bottom ten.” Her emphasis on empathy makes her inspirational to people all over the globe.


Finally, Deborah Meaden is one of the world’s best female keynote speakers who delivers successful talks on leadership, change and entrepreneurship. Deborah started at a very young age and is, therefore, a role model for anyone seeking to enter the business world. She speaks passionately, and with great knowledge, on a great range of topics. Her passion towards helping others, and her extensive knowledge, makes her an exceptional speaker.


I have here appreciated the work of a few of the best female keynote speakers, but that isn’t to say that there are not more great female speakers out there. To get in touch or for more information on female keynote speakers and Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk