11 Apr 2019


The world is full of people wishing for, and thinking about, ideal situations or things that they want. The concept of an ideal being, or good, for example, has existed for a long time. The concept of ideals can be linked all the way back to Plato’s Realm of The Forms in which the most perfect ideas or objects exist. The Realm of The Forms is, essentially, a perfect version of our imperfect world – it contains the same objects and ideas; however, they are merely found in their purest and most ideal form. With this in mind, what would the ideal motivational speaker look like in Plato’s perfect realm? More importantly, what characteristics would the ideal motivational speaker possess? If we can build an image of the ideal motivational speaker, we may be able to improve our own ability as speakers by harnessing some of the skills that we label as ideal. Hence, let us explore some of the qualities that the ideal motivational speaker may possess, and how we may be able to harness these skills.


The first thing that the ideal motivational speaker would possess is confidence. This confidence can come in two forms: firstly, the ideal motivational speaker is likely to be confident in his own ability to talk. This will be evident due to a stage presence, or particular aura, which arises as he begins to open his mouth. The second form of confidence is less noticeable; however, it is just as important. This is confidence in one’s own message. Confidence in one’s own message is vital, should one wish to effectively spread one’s message. How can an audience buy ambien online europe accept your message, if they don’t think you are confident about it? The answer is that they can’t. Therefore, it is vital to be confident in the message that you are spreading.


The second thing that the ideal motivational speaker would be is well-informed. By this, I mean that he will have done lots of research into his chosen topic, which will allow him to have adequate examples or case studies. These studies will allow the audience to see his or her message in a real situation; therefore, meaning that they are more likely to accept it. Moreover, the speaker ought to be aware of the needs and desires of the audience or local community. By doing so, he or she will be able to tailor the talk so that it is fully relevant.


Thirdly, the ideal motivational speaker would, in my opinion, be funny. By adding humour to a speech, you are more likely to get the audience on board. Therefore, they are going to be more active and receptive. This is helpful because it means that they will absorb and utilize your information. Humour is also helpful, because it allows you to deal with dark or uncomfortable themes in a less harrowing manner.


So there we have it. I have highlighted three key characteristics of the ideal motivational speaker. Of course, since we are not perfect, we won’t be able to harness all of them. However, we should try our best to implement them as much as we can. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk