21 Apr 2019

Being a Motivational Speaker is a consuming task; it takes early mornings and late nights. To instill passion and motivation in others, one must be overflowing in passion and motivation too. A hardworking nature is needed to pursue an independent career such as Motivational Speaking, but what exactly does it take to be a Motivational Speaker?


Firstly, a Motivational Speaker has to have a theme that they focus on throughout their career. A Motivational Speaker is essentially an expert in their given field and should be devoted to leading others to similar success. If a motivational speaker doesn’t have a target theme or audience, they can seem to be pandering or disingenuous. For example, Nick Vujicic focuses on bringing people to Christianity through his life story, Eric Thomas focuses on inspiring an intense and productive work ethic/routine that enables success. This concept is very similar to business – the most successful companies often focus on a specific gap in the market and enlarge their business from there.


The second thing a Motivational Speaker needs is connections. These are people who can connect the speaker to their audience and events. This may be your university or an organisation which holds events that you can speak at. In the world of social media, connections may seem less important; however, they now don’t have to be physical or face to face connections. It is just as important to make yourself known on the internet as the real world, as this enables you to reach the widest possible audience.


Finally, a Motivational Speaker needs skill. The harsh reality is that a Motivational Speaker who has no public speaking ability will not get anywhere. This isn’t as clear cut as having a nice voice or being able to recite a speech without stuttering, as some of the best speakers don’t sound the nicest. It is about the speaker’s ability to engage with the audience and stir up a response. These sort of skills may come naturally to some but they are available to all through practice and determination.


To conclude, being a Motivational Speaker requires a lot of work, if you really want to become a Motivational Speaker, try to research and watch successful speakers. Learn positive habits from them that you can develop into your own style. Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole and motivational speaking, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk