21 Apr 2019

Due to a rise in social media, we have all been exposed to more successful speakers. These are people who have managed to engage and profit from a specific target audience, whether that be Generation Z or single mothers. Due to the seemingly vast number of speakers available at any given time, we may be led to believe that it is easy to become a successful public speaker. However, it is incredibly hard to reach a world platform, even with the influence of social media. So, if that’s the case: What does it take to be a successful speaker?


This may seem self-evident, but perseverance is the key quality needed to be a successful speaker. One thing that many motivational speakers will tell their audiences is that failure is a necessary step to success. Motivational Speaking is a career (for some it is even a lifestyle) and it should be treated in the same way that one would approach trying to succeed in careers such as entrepreneurship and business. There will be times when inexperienced speakers slip up, maybe they freeze when speaking or struggle to find an audience. Despite these setbacks, every single successful speaker overcame them and persevered with their career. You cannot become a successful motivational speaker if you quit when given an excuse to.


Experience is another quality that may seem obvious. Successful speakers aim to change the mindset of their audience. However, you cannot change their mindset if you don’t understand their current position. Successful speakers such as Eric Thomas and Nick Vujicic often come from positions of hardship and turn it into motivational fuel that can be used to inspire people. Everyone goes through times of struggle throughout their life. If you have come out from those experiences better off, then channel it into your motivational speaking.


Finally, successful speakers are preaching for what they believe in. The best motivational speakers have clear beliefs and goals that they are working towards and it is clear in every aspect of their work. It is almost impossible to convince an audience of a cause you don’t really believe in, especially when you are trying to convince them to change their behaviour.


Successful Speakers have all the qualities mentioned above. It is vital that you talk about what your passionate about, have experience dealing with your topic and persevere. Any speaker who takes these ideas onboard will see their career flourish. To get in touch or for more information on Bianca Miller-Cole and successful speakers, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk