25 Apr 2019

To be an inspirational speaker is to be a beacon of hope for millions of people. It’s a career that is focused on bringing people up from places of hardship and giving them the tools to fulfil their potential. Over the years the world has received many great inspirational speakers who have changed the mentality of millions of people and instilled hope in millions of people. Here are a few of the greatest inspirational speakers to walk the earth.

Religion is a core pillar in billions of people’s lives. Many of the great inspirational speakers have used their own religious experience to inspire others. One of those speakers is Nick Vujicic. Vujicic has a condition called Tetra-Amelia and was born without arms or legs. However, this has never been a hindrance to him. In his faith, Vujicic found a spirit of perseverance and love that he now shares to millions across the world. His story of success never fails to touch the lives of those who are listening to him, no matter what background they come from.
Another great inspirational speaker who also focused on religion was Martin Luther King. King was a civil rights activist who gave possibly the most famous speech of all time, titled ‘I Have a Dream’. His work across America changed the lives of millions of African Americans and Black people across the world, not only in his time but for future generations to come. He did all of this whilst maintain a loving, just and truthful movement that can be used as an example of how to overcome any injustice.
When I think of modern day inspirational speakers I think of Eric Thomas. He is an American speaker who focuses on high energy talks which drive people to improve themselves. He has also managed to establish a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter which allows his message to be accessible to a faced-paced generation who may not have the time to listen to hour long talks on motivation on a regular basis.
These are just three of the great inspirational speakers in recent times. There have been many other speakers who may speak to you more deeply than those mentioned in this article. I encourage you to search for someone who resonates with you and what you’re trying to achieve
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