27 Apr 2019

Unfortunately, for many years, women were seen to be inferior to men. The common view was that women lacked both the physical and mental capacity that men had. This led to women not being able to receive education, or the right to vote. They were, as a result of this view, merely seen as people who should occupy the family home. Thankfully, this view has changed and women are now seeing the equality that they deserve. Such equality is also seen in the field of speaking and there are many inspirational female speakers who are getting a whole lot of recognition. Let us have a look at the work of some of the best inspirational female speakers to see what makes them so good.


The first of three buy propecia tablets online inspirational female speakers is Lisa Nichols – a very popular motivational speaker who is also the CEO of “Motivating the Masses” (an organisation which has helped approximately 30 million people). Lisa is one of the most inspirational female speakers due to her inspiring and determined attitude. This is a skill which is shown by many inspirational speakers; however, Lisa is able to show it to the utmost degree of excellence. Lisa teaches about “The Law of Attraction” and I highly recommend visiting her website, or reading her book, if you want to find out more.


The second of the three inspirational female speakers is Jen Hatmaker – an American Christian author, blogger, speaker and television presenter. As one of the leading inspirational female speakers, Jen has the ability to speak nationally to a wide range of audiences on a variety of topics. Some of these topics are: parenting, leadership, writing or Christianity. I consider her to be one of the most inspirational female speakers due to her ability to be relatable, humorous and knowledgeable about her field.


The final speaker is a television personality who may not formally be considered a speaker, nevertheless she has inspired many people. This person is Ellen Degeneres – the host of The Ellen Show. The reason that I think Ellen is an inspirational female speaker is because she regularly inspires young people to do their best whilst at school. Moreover, she speaks well on a wide variety of issues and always does so with humour. For these reasons, I think that Ellen ought to be considered as a great speaker.


These are just a few great speakers; however, there are many more in the world. They are all confident, intelligent and inspiring individuals, so I highly recommend looking into their work if you want to know more. To get in touch or for more information on inspirational female speakers, or Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk