01 May 2019

Let me begin with a question: what does it mean to be powerful? Although this may seem quite straightforward, I think it is actually quite a difficult question to answer. Often when thinking of the word powerful, people think about physical strength or muscle mass – I’m not thinking about that. When I think of the word powerful, I think about someone having control over a group of people, and the ability to motivate and influence them. I am, therefore, thinking about what it means to be a powerful motivational speaker. There are lots of great motivational speakers in the world; however, I don’t think that we can label them all as powerful. The simple reason being that they cannot influence enormous amounts of people. I have found three people that I believe to be powerful motivational speakers, hence let us explore the work that they do.

The first of the four powerful motivational speakers is Bianca Miller-Cole. Bianca has become extremely popular for her keynote and guest speaking appearances due to her ability to engage, excite and inspire any audience with any topic. To date popular topics have included: Her inspirational journey, making dreams a reality, overcoming issues of diversity, being a woman in business and just generally how to motivate yourself to get ahead.

The second of the four powerful motivational speakers is Jim Lawless. Jim is a world-renowned speaker who has inspired many business owners to take risks and to challenge themselves to be better. Jim has been able to entertain over 500,000 people across a wide variety of continents with his scintillating presentations. He also advocates a method, which is the title of his most famous book, called the “Taming Tiger”.  The method is rather simple and asks people to take risks, challenge their own customs and never give up. He sums up these ideas in 10 simple rules and these rules have had profound effects on people worldwide. His ability to motivate people to take risks is one of the reasons that he is one of the most powerful motivational speakers.


The third of the four powerful motivational speakers is Boris Brott – a Canadian conductor who has also worked closely with a number of large corporations. Boris is well-known for his customized presentations which are engaging and motivating. His charisma is exemplary and so is his capacity to draw comparisons between music and business. He notices how both orchestras and businesses attempt to achieve similar goals – they want perfection, for example. He also notices how they both aim to innovate and be creative. His charisma and ability to make analytic comparisons earns him a place on my list of powerful motivational speakers.


The final person on the list of powerful motivational speakers is Jordan Belfort. If you have seen “The Wolf of Wall Street” you will already know a fair deal about this man and what he does. He had enormous business success, but also had a huge fall from grace. Following his fall, Jordan aimed to help businesses with his Straight Line Persuasion system. This system has enabled him to help many firms to prosper. It is due to this recovery and success that he features on the list.


These are just four powerful motivational speakers. There are many more out there, so I highly advise you to be on the lookout for someone that you connect with. To get in touch or for more information on powerful motivational speakers, and Bianca Miller-Cole, please email bookings@biancamiller.uk  , call 02086679519 or visit www.biancamiller.uk