17 Jun 2019

The rate of emerging graduates is increasing daily, making the labor market very competitive. Large numbers of applicants hustle for very limited job openings.  Find out how you can stand out from the crowd.

'The Boss' by Hunters Race, Sourced from Unsplash

‘The Boss’ by Hunters Race, Sourced from Unsplash ‘THE BOSS’ BY HUNTERS RACE

Unemployment is a global issue; many countries are working round the clock to see how the demands in employment for their ever-increasing population are being met.

The good news is that the advancement of digital technology is a significant factor that has decreased the rate of unemployment in advanced countries. If you live in a country with a large number of highly qualified individuals, these few ways will help you stand out in your quest for your desired career.

1. Engage in voluntary work

An advantageous way of increasing your chances of getting employed is to develop your curriculum vitae while still in education. Ensure you engage in voluntary work experience to develop skills in your field of study. As almost all job recruiters request experience, no matter how short the period may be, engaging in voluntary work gives you an edge over those applying for the same position.

Additionally, participating in student activities such as student unions or departmental/ faculty projects or research is a big step in the right direction. Create projects that render services to the public in areas like facilities, labs, and restaurants and other related sectors. Or you can even be involved in student clubs and student development projects like tutoring and mentoring in your field of study.

2. Write a perfect CV or resume

Your CV is the first window where you show your potential employer your qualifications. The first interview also starts with a CV assessment. So, be sure to include vital information about your skills, career, research and work experience. Review your CV regularly to add new skills acquired. It should also carry the corresponding date when a certificate, degree or job experience was obtained.

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