17 Jun 2019

When branding, the process should never be rushed. The duration required for branding or rebranding is often affected by various factors such as how much time your company has, the people involved, your total budget, the resources and brand assets your company will need, your company’s size and future goals. Continue reading to find out how branding processes work.

Sourced from RawPixel on Unsplash

Sourced from RawPixel on Unsplash ‘RAWPIXEL’ FROM UNSPLASH

In the world of business, many top executives find it difficult to see the tangible benefits branding offers to their business. For this reason, they often write off branding as not essential and too confusing to understand. However, the absence of a brand strategy can be detrimental to your business, no matter the scale. Branding as an entity gives your company an identified purpose which helps you stand out from the competition in the long run.

Pioneers Vs Followers

For many startups, branding may take some months or even years to implement. This often depends on if your business is more of a ‘pioneer’ or a ‘follower’. For ‘followers’ the branding time can be shortened if the focus is placed on capitalizing on an existing trend or product.

Branding pioneers, on the other hand, often focus on creating unique products from scratch that are often an improvement on traditional products, offering better value to their target audience. The need for innovation causes their branding process to take a great deal of time.

As pioneers focus on developing entirely new ideas or trends, their process of branding requires a great deal of vision that has been coupled with the ability to identify the exact needs of consumers. This often involves endless trials to ensure that whatever they produce attends to the needs of their target audience. This is achieved not just by adding to the value of existing products but creating entirely new ones.

Whether you are a pioneer or a follower, if you are looking to increase brand awareness, but not sure of the right branding process to follow, the following steps can help;

Build a Strategy

So what exactly is a brand strategy? To achieve specific objectives to create a highly successful brand, every company needs a brand strategy. To put it simply, a brand strategy could be defined as your company’s long-term development plan, and it is affected by all parts of your business.

The creation of a brand strategy is one of the most fundamental steps needed to define the foundation of your brand. In drawing this up, certain factors need to be considered. This includes your company, the target audience, the services or products you offer, as well as your existing competition. These factors not only help to create a relevant brand, but also one that offers excellent products and services that meet the specific desires of the end user.


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