03 Dec 2019

She Means Busienss

I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker at the @facebook ” She Means Business” and Boost conference.

The team at Facebook asked me to talk about my personal journey and personal branding for high impact & funding! I only had 30 minutes to do it in but I made it into a high impact, high engagement and interactive talk!

I covered the evolution of my brand, the reason why personal branding is essential to ones business, the power of your profile, the impact your personal brand can have on funding opportunities AND how to set goals to support future business success and personal brand evolution!

Yes I know that is a lot in 30 minutes! I could speak about each of those topics for far longer. Judging by the amazing feedback I have received thus far across the socials it was well received!

Thank you to the 400+ people in the audience – you were fab!
You can watch highlights from my speech below by clicking on the play button!