14 Dec 2019

Catch Bianca Miller Cole on Channel 4’s “save well, spend better”. The author of the best selling book “self-made” and the runner up of the apprentice shall be sharing her knowledge In order to help those who find they do not know what to do when it comes to getting rid of debts and making themselves financially stable.

“Save well, spend better” faces the hard truths about finances and shows how it can affect relationships, family life, businesses and health. Debt can affect all of us. It was recorded in June 2019 that in the UK alone 1.637 trillion pounds is owed by individuals. Debt is something we have to open up about and discuss more to prevent this number increasing. “Save well, spend better” provides vital easy information on various debt situations that you can do your own research into to see if it can be useful to you to address your debt.

With the speaker hosts such as Bianca Miller Cole, Ann Wilson, Anna Willaimson and Emmanuel Asuquo, you can learn from their depth of knowledge and acquire different techniques to help you “save well, spend better”.

We all know money discussions can be scary so face your fears now and catch up on the series “save well, spend better”. You will find the amazing voice overs provided by the speakers can simplify and make exploring various options to manage your finances easy.