16 Dec 2019

In June 2019, It was recorded that the average debt per adult in the UK is £31,232. That is a staggering amount and shows that debt affects all of us in the UK one way or another. Whether it is a phone contract you are paying, pay day loan or mortgage, It is easy to find yourself in debt. This is why experienced leaders of entrepreneurship and finance have come together to break down the solutions of debt and finance troubles for us to provide easily accessible ways of clearing our debt in channel 4’s series called “save well, spend better” by Firecracker films.

We see pioneers of finance such as Bianca Miller Cole sharing their wealth of knowledge whether it is in business or personal finance. The voice over within the series alone offers snippets of information that can help many with debt and finance troubles in the UK.

Are you aware of what a stocks and shares ISA is? Are you afraid of the stigma of bankruptcy? These hard-hitting truths and spotlight into your finances is the only way often debts can be resolved and plans can be made to turn your debts around and this is the epitome of what “save well, spend better” is.

So, it is time to face your finances head on. Catch up on “save well, spend better”. This series produced by firecracker films opens us up to discussions on how to deal with your finances. Bianca Miller Cole along with Ann wilson, Anna Williamson and Emmanuel Asuquo will help you to discover how you can improve your financial stability.