17 Dec 2019

Are you and a business partner, spouse, family member or friend currently facing financial and money management problems? Why not sit together and catch up on the latest new series of “save well, spend better”. This series can be the ice breaker you need as talking about finances is often not easy. But sitting down with the person you are involved in finance with and watching “save well, spend better” can open up the discussion as the team of experts such as Bianca Miller Cole, author of the book “Self-Made” share their invaluable expertise with you to help you explore various options of money management.

“Save well, spend better” shows you real life scenarios people have found themselves in and their suggestions to address these debts that will benefit the individual the most. Watch the series now to see how addressing your issues bluntly and head on is the best way to start making a change to your finances.

Ensure you pay close attention to the voice over segments within the series as they help explain various options and situations in simpler terms. For example, Bianca Miller Cole’s voice over in episode one describes what a stocks and shares ISA is which a lot of people have little to no knowledge about.

So, get your preferred beverage ready, sit down and pay close attention to “save well, spend better” now and get those juicy financial conversations going. It can be life changing towards your finances, health and over all well-being.