08 Apr 2020



In order to get that dream voice over job role, you will want to approach different agencies by sending over your submission. This will give you the opportunity to show off your talent and your capabilities as a voice over actor. Although this may seem nerve wrecking, it is an opportunity for you to show off your skills and talents as a voice over actor and prove to agencies why they should pick your submissions over anyone else’s!


So, what do you include in your voice over submissions?


Here are a few things you can include in your submissions when applying to different voice over agencies, hoping to get that job you’ve been having your eye on for some time:

  • Include a range of different examples aiming between 7 – 10
  • Depending on the voice over role you are applying for, make sure you submit one that falls under that category. Whether it being for a commercial role or a cartoon character.
  • Incorporate snippets of your work into your submissions, but make sure these snippets make sense and are not random. You want your voice over to be understood immediately.
  • Make sure your best voice over work is at the top of your submissions file! First impressions truly do count, so you want to grab the attention of those listening.
  • Make sure all your recordings are of high quality as poor-quality submissions may not be accepted as it will be difficult to hear your voice.
  • Amongst your work, if you have any unique selling points make sure to show them off! This could be that you know multiple languages or can do a range of accents fluently. Make sure you add it into your submissions to stand out from other candidates!


You want to make sure all the work you submit is your best work, you will be judged off of what you present, so think carefully of what you choose to add in your voice over submissions.


Don’t rush when it comes to applying for voice over roles, you want your submissions to be enriched with the best content and you want to show talent and development as a voice over actor. Once you work on multiple voice over projects and showcase a range of voice over positions, you will want to begin applying to different voice over agencies.