06 May 2020

There is always a market for fresh new female voice over talent, so if you have always wanted to become a voice over artist now is a great opportunity to utilise the internet and land your next voice over role requiring your talent!


There are many ways your talent can be shown off and recognised and one way is advertising your voice talent on freelancing websites. This is a great way to build up your portfolio as you can apply for many small projects and gain experience. This will also help you choose what kind of female voice over work you enjoy the most and want to focus on in the future. Freelancing websites offer thousands of jobs with people looking for particular female voice talents for their projects. You are given their starting prices as well as a description of the work they would require a female voice talent to do. So, explore those websites and see if you can find yourself landing a few jobs and expressing your voice talent! With freelancing websites, you are also able to create your own voice talent profile and show off your expertise in the description. You want your voice talent to be recognised by as many people as possible, so make sure to include previous work you have done as well as any projects you are currently working on. You want to show off brands you have worked with that have required female voice talents, and the different roles you have participated in. These can include being a female voice talent for commercials, audiobooks, telephone messages, singing, eLearning courses and the list goes on. It is also useful to say what you turn around time is and how quickly you can work around a client’s deadline. If you have your own studio it makes things even better as you can record from the comfort of your own home and find it easier to gain clients as you will be able to provide your services at all times.


Female voice talent is always needed and there are so many places for you to look at in order to land yourself many jobs, no matter how big or small. Don’t undermine your talent as your voice may be required for a particular type of project, so the best advice is to get out there and apply to as many jobs and gain the necessary experience to show it off to potential clients in the future.

You can get in touch with Bianca and her team by Email: bookings@biancamiller.uk  or Telephone: 02086679519