06 May 2020

Do you want to get be a part of a top vocal talent agency? Here are a few tips when approaching a vocal talent agency and the things you will want to consider.


Firstly, when looking at joining a vocal talent agency you want to see where you are based geographically which will help you approach the best vocal talent agencies. So, if you are from London you may want to apply to those that specifically that are based in London as that will have all the potential clients you can reach out to. However, Google is your best friend when looking for a talent vocal agency that suits your interests and works best for you.


To approach a vocal talent agency, it is more than just having a nice voice! To be a successful voice actor you want to have a range of skills and openly learning more. This includes you being able to adapt, take direction and utilise elements of the craft. By this it shows you are adaptable to doing different kinds of voice over work from commercials to voice mail messages. A vocal talent agency will be more interested in having someone on their platform that can do a range of voice over roles and has a range of skills rather than someone that only specifically applies to just one role. A way of expanding your skills is to attend different workshops so you can brush up on your where can i buy cheap tramadol current skills as well as pick up new ones on the way. This will also show that you are determined to grow as a voice over actor and extremely hard working.


As well as attending workshops and learning new skills, it is all about the experience you have obtained. A vocal talent agency will want someone that has done some form of professional voiceover work. so, when applying you want to remember that first impressions are very important in the voice over world, so when showing your work, you want to show the most up to date and biggest projects you have done. Don’t be afraid to mention any key brands you have worked with as those key details will make you stand out.


Do you have any unique selling points? If so, mention them in your application! This could be anything from knowing multiple languages to being able to do a range of accents perfectly through your time travelling. Make sure you show these off in your CV and cover letter as these unique selling points can be what get you into a vocal talent agency.


So, when applying to a vocal talent agency, take into consideration these points spoken about and this will ensure that you will successfully be enrolled into a vocal talent agency. Enjoy the process!


You can get in touch with Bianca and her team by Email: bookings@biancamiller.uk  or Telephone: 02086679519