13 May 2021

Becoming a motivational speaker


Becoming a motivational speaker is achievable by anyone, there is no particular type of person on paper that can become a motivational speaker. So, if you are thinking about becoming a motivational speaker, the answer is yes you can, and this blog will give you a few steps to consider into becoming a motivational speaker.


  1. What is your area of expertise?


When becoming a motivational speaker, you want to think about what you want to talk about. What are your passions? What are you working on? What is your journey so far? How can you share the knowledge you hold and help others around you? These are questions to think about when becoming a motivational speaker as you want to be able to share valuable information with others and helping those that are in need of some motivation, advice or exposure.


  1. Who is your target audience?


Once you have an area of expertise that you want to share with others, the next step in becoming a motivational speaker is thinking about who your target audience is. Who would benefit from hearing about your story, knowledge or advice? Are you targeting people that are a particular age or could be working in a particular sector? By defining your target audience, you are able to successfully target your speeches allowing the experience to be more personalised. By becoming a motivational speaker you will also be able to target your audience in where you could find them, this could be either exploring different social media platforms, different events and conferences.


  1. Growing your public speaking skills


Now that you have your topic of expertise and the target audience you want to address, the next step is being able to communicate your ideas effectively! Becoming a motivational speaker requires public speaking skills in which you are able to communicate and empathise with your audience well. The best way to gain these skills is to expose yourself to different motivational speakers online on YouTube. Listen to their talks, taking down notes and see what you can learn from the way they address the room. Ultimately, it does come down to you practicing and being consistent. You want to practice, practice, practice! This will allow you to continuously work on yourself as a public speaker and become more confident in communicating with others.


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging motivational speaker and is an example of the successes in becoming a motivational speaker. Some of her keynote topics include her talking about ‘dreams to reality’, in which she shares her journey from her interest in business from a young age to becoming an extremely successful award-winning entrepreneur, author and influencer. By becoming a motivational speaker, Bianca is able to share her story and inspire many people around her. She aims to encourage and motivate those in pursuing their dreams and making them into a reality.