13 May 2021

List of motivational speakers


There are many motivational speakers that inspire and motivate others. They share valuable tips and tricks, advice and encouraging words that leave the audience feeling motivated to chase their dreams. Here is a list of motivational speakers that you should explore further and see what you can learn from them.


  1. Levi Roots


The first one on the list of motivational speakers is Levi Roots, the founder of Reggae Reggae Sauce. He is a man of many talents, from cooking and media to music and business. All his experiences in these fields are what makes him the inspirational motivational speaker he is today. The story of the Reggae Reggae Sauce is that he bottled his grandmothers jerk BBQ sauce and labelled it the Reggae Reggae sauce. This then led to the beginning of an extremely successful business that celebrates Jamaican culture. His speeches aim to inspire the youth and motivate them to chase their dreams. Throughout his speeches he combines music and personal anecdotes that are empowering to the audience. His success story and journey are why he is on the list of motivational speakers.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


The second one on the list of motivational speakers is Bianca Miller-Cole. Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging speaker in which she talks about different topics and inspires those around her. One of her keynote topics include ‘Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business’. This is where she speaks about how you can create revenue from your social media, how to effectively manage your time and how to sell, grow and collaborate. She is an example of how female motivational speakers can successfully speak about their passions and experiences and help those that may need that initial push or encouragement. She has spoken at many different events and has received recognition for her talent time and time again.


  1. Jenny Campbell


The third on the list of motivational speakers is Jenny Campbell who is the CEO of your cash. She is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in business and her motivational speeches offer young people that are interested into getting into businesses that will allow them to thrive. She believes and expresses that successful companies should hire a combination of graduates and entrepreneurs, as they all individually offer a range of different skills and knowledge that will lead to a company’s success. She also encourages women to put themselves forward in business and build their confidence to use their voice to speak out. She is an empowering woman that empowers and inspires her audience.


These are a list of motivational speakers that are inspiring in their sectors and successfully motivate those around them and offer their valuable insights into their journeys, motivating those to take their first steps.