13 May 2021

Motivational speaker


Being a motivational speaker is something that is valuable for many people. A motivational speaker can inspire, encourage and motivate their audiences to be the best possible versions of themselves. As a motivational speaker, your aim is to leave your audience with an enjoyable experience in which they were able to take something from your speech and have questions they can reflect on.


To be a motivational speaker, there are certain personality traits that you should possess which will also develop over time as you begin delivering speeches to a range of audiences. The first personality train for a motivational speaker is confidence! You have to be confident in how you deliver your speech otherwise how will your audience feel motivated? You want to be confident about what you are talking about, you are sharing valuable knowledge to others so show it off! By being confident you are then able to enjoy the experience yourself and ultimately want to be there to share your thoughts, knowledge and ideas. Your first times as a motivational speaker may be daunting and you will be nervous, however seeing the benefits of your speech on the audience and seeing them enjoy themselves will be an extremely rewarding feeling. Another personality trait you want to possess as a motivational speaker is self-belief! This ties in with confidence hand-in-hand. This is because if you are confident and take pride in what you have achieved, you will be able to share your experiences confidently to an audience. People will recognise your passion and will be intrigued into getting to know you as a motivational speaker and learning from you.


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely successful motivational speaker that possesses these personality traits that radiate through her as a motivational speaker. She is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Founder of The Be Group. She has worked with an extensive range of clients from Google, LSE, EY to Kings College London. She is also a motivational speaker in which she has successfully delivered many talks to different audiences sharing her knowledge on her keynote topics. As a motivational speaker, she has been able to share her knowledge on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up where she shares her from lessons that are also in her book, which explore the key steps and top tips into building your business from the start and how to build a successful credible online brand. This is just one of her popular keynote topics that she explores with her audiences as a motivational speaker. She has been able to inspire and encourage those around her to start their own paths as entrepreneurs. She is transparent in sharing her experiences, top tips, opinions and thoughts with others, hoping that it will inspire and motivate those into them taking their next steps.