14 May 2021

top 5 motivational speakers


the top 5 motivational speakers are people that create an impact on their audiences when they deliver their speech. They inspire and motivate those around them, sharing their knowledge and tips ensuring that they help those that attend. Here are the top 5 motivational speakers that you should explore further and read into their amazing journeys.


  1. Michelle Mone


Michelle Mone is one of the top 5 motivational speakers as she shares her amazing journey from a model to an extremely successful businesswoman, owner of Ultimo. She has built herself an empire and is a huge believer in anyone can succeed if they have faith and confidence. She empowers her female audiences, inspiring and motivating them to unleash their try potential. She leaves a lasting impression and impresses her audiences which is why that makes her in the top 5 motivational speakers.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely motivating and inspiring motivational speaker and is also one of the top 5 motivational speakers. She is the founder of The Be Group, award winning entrepreneur and mentor. She appeared in the Apprentice in 2014 in which she was a runner up and continued to launch her own diverse range of nude hosiery called ‘Bianca Miller London’. She continues to inspire and motivate her audiences as she constantly goes from strength to strength and achieves the best in her field. As a motivational speaker she is determined, and her passion is projected onto her audience that are left motivated and ready to begin or continue their journey into success.


  1. Roger Saul


Another successful motivation speaker that is in the top 5 motivational speakers is Roger Saul, founder of luxury designer brand Mulberry. He is the genius behind the high-quality brand that is stocked worldwide and loved my many. His huge knowledge makes him an excellent business motivational speaker as he shares his expertise in consumer behaviour, retail and business management. The reputation he has built over the past 33 years has made him a popular guest at many events, sharing his knowledge and words of wisdom. This is why Roger Saul is in the top 5 motivational speakers.


  1. Sir Richard Branson


Also in the top 5 motivational speakers is Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. He is one of the greatest business moguls, expanding his business to holidays, airways, hotels, trains and radio. He is an inspirational motivation speaker, showing how hard work and determination pays off and allows you to achieve anything that you want to.


  1. Jeremy Schwartz

Another speaker in the top 5 motivational speakers is Jeremy Schwartz who is the CEO of The Body Shop and the marketing director of L’Oréal. He has also been joint CEO of Pandora and Director of Brand Marketing at Sainsbury’s. His extensive knowledge of being in so many different businesses enable him to be an excellent motivational speaker. He speaks on how to deliver exceptional quality, how to motivative a team and how to increase accountability. He successfully engages his audience in the speeches he delivers.


These are all amazing motivational speakers that motivate and inspire their audiences teaching them different lessons on the way.