14 May 2021

top female motivational speakers


There are many female motivational speakers that are successful in their field and speak to a range of audiences, inspiring and motivating them. Here are the top female motivational speakers that continue to educate and share their knowledge accumulated over the years with audiences, leaving them feeling empowered and ready to build their own empire.


  1. Deborah Meaden


Deborah Meaden is one of the top motivational speakers being an extremely successful investor on the Dragon’s Den. Her successful career began as she founded a glass and ceramics company in Italy. This was the beginning of her journey as she then began to invest in several different companies and helped determined entrepreneurs into making their own businesses a success. She is one of the top female motivational speakers as she speaks about her successes in investing in different companies and she shares useful tips and tricks for those in the audience that are interested in investing and starting their own business ventures.



  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is one of the top female motivational speakers due to her motivation and determination. She is the founder of The Be Group, Top 10 ‘Leader Power Profile’ by Linkedin, Forbes 30 under 30 Honouree, award winning entrepreneur and mentor. These are just a few of the amazing achievements Bianca Miller-Cole has achieved and she continues to succeed in her field making her one of the top motivational speakers. One of her keynote topics that she speaks about is making your ‘dreams to reality’ which is where she shares her journey from being a young child interested in business to growing her own empire and inspiring those around her. She is transparent in speaking about the highs and lows and her energy radiate through to her audience. she inspires young women and shows that through hard work and determination anything is possible and can be achieved!


  1. Martha Lane Fox


Another speaker in the top female motivational speakers is Martha Lane Fox who is the founder of Lastminute.com. She is the exceptional talent behind the world’s leading travel and leisure business. Her and Brent Hoberman created a business that would help people find the best travel and leisure deals at the touch of a button. Since leaving Lastminute.com. she has gone onto becoming a director of Twitter and shares her knowledge of consumer behaviour and the changing world of commerce. She shares valuable information and helps those that want to get into the same field.


These are just a few of the top female motivation speakers, that are excelling in their fields of business and their knowledge and advice continue to change people’s mindsets. This leads people into becoming their own bosses and excelling in their own career ventures.