14 May 2021

well known public speakers


There are many well-known public speakers that are excellent speakers in their fields and are extremely interesting individuals that captivate their audiences and leave them feeling empowered and excited. Here are just a few well-known public speakers that are very popular in their business ventures and continue to share their knowledge and advice and are excelling in everything that they do.


  1. Fiona McKay.


One of the well-known public speakers is Fiona McKay. Fiona McKay is an advisor, influencer and speaker. She has spoken to several different audiences worldwide and has inspired those by sharing her journey and being transparent throughout. The topics she discusses in her speeches include gender equality, feedback, personal development, business turnaround and improved performance. She effectively communicates complex ideas and challenges her audiences throughout as well as motivating them to seek the change they are working towards. She has won many awards for her motivational speaking talent, making her one of the well-known public speakers.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Another well-known public speakers Bianca Miller-Cole is the founder of The Be Group, Top 10 ‘Leader Power Profile’ by Linkedin, Forbes 30 under 30 Honouree, award winning entrepreneur and mentor. She has also been awarded a ‘Power Profile’ from Linkedin as one of the top 10 most powerful leaders on the website. She has several keynote topics that she explores with her audiences with one being personal branding and high impact leadership. She shares her journey into how you can build your own personal brand and grow your network so that you can create an impact and influence those around you. Being one of the most well-known public speakers, she inspires and motivates her audiences by being so motivating and aspirational.


  1. Jenny Campbell


Also on the list of well-known public speakers is Jenny Campbell, CEO of YourCash. She is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in business and her motivational speeches offer young people that are interested into getting into businesses that will allow them to thrive. She is a strong advocate for companies hiring a combination of graduates and entrepreneurs as they all individually offer a range of skills and knowledge that can lead to a company’s success.  She also encourages women to put themselves first and build their confidence to have a voice in business to speak out against anything they don’t stand for. She empowers those that she speaks to and inspires her audiences.


There are just a few of well-known public speakers that inspire and share their thoughts and advice to others.