17 May 2021

The Best Black Motivational Speakers

The best black motivational speakers bring with them to the podium success, strength and wisdom born of years of pushing back and ultimately triumphing over societal forces designed to keep them down. They share their stories of struggle and transcendence and discuss the different methods they used to block out the noise and naysayers so that they might keep their eyes on the prize.

When they speak they deliver their message of hope and empowerment, diversity and inclusion with passion and precision. They inspire, inform, illuminate and educate and by doing so draw out the latent potential within their listeners. If you are in search of black keynote speakers for your meeting or convention the ones listed here have the qualifications and experience to keep your audience members riveted to their seats.

There is an incredible talent of best black motivational speakers that are experts in their field and share their thoughts and knowledge with a range of audiences. Here are the best black motivational speakers that you should explore further as they are amazing individuals that are doing amazing things for themselves and the community.


Akala is the first on the list as one of the best black motivational speakers as he has achieved a lot. He has won a MOBO award and a BAFTA award. He also founded the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company in 2009 which exposed audiences to the parallels of Shakespeare’s work with modern-day rappers. It also helps support young people in showcasing their talents in the arts through a range of tailored education programmes. 

Akala has also written a number of books including NATIVES: Race and Class in the Ruins of the Empire, which is a biography exploring race and class through Akala’s life and his motivation to rid the world of oppression and exploitation. Akala has been called upon to address a range of different audiences as a motivational speaker. 

He has spoken at a range of universities including the University of Essex, Sydney University and Manchester Metropolitan University. He is one of the best black motivational speakers as he is an extremely favoured speaker amongst the future generations and helps young people get on the right path from a young age. 

He has also delivered several TEDx talks in which he has covered a range of different subjects including education, mental health, youth crime, knife crime and rehabilitation. He is viewed as a role model and his speeches help boost the audiences’ confidence which is why he is one of the best black motivational speakers.

Bianca Miller-Cole

Bianca Miller-Cole is also one of the best black motivational speakers for her continuous successes. She is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Founder of The Be Group. She has worked with an extensive range of clients from Google, LSE, EY to Kings College London. She is also a motivational speaker in which she has successfully delivered many talks to different audiences sharing her knowledge on her keynote topics. 

As a personal branding speaker and motivational speaker, she has been able to share her knowledge on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up where she shares her lessons that are also in her book, which explore the key steps and top tips into building your business from the start and how to build a successful credible online brand. This is just one of her popular keynote topics that she explores with her audiences as a motivational speaker. She has been able to inspire and encourage those around her to start their own paths as entrepreneurs. 

Bianca speaks with fire and heart, humour and passion. She has an amazingly balanced perspective, never getting too high about her successes or too low when faced with adversity and setbacks. She understands that life is a journey and the most important thing is to learn from the past and lean toward the future. When she speaks the audience can hear the authenticity in her voice and know they are listening to a self-made business leader who has overcome many challenges during her ongoing journey to the top.

She is transparent in sharing her experiences, top tips, opinions and thoughts with others, hoping that it will inspire and motivate them to take their next steps. She engages with her audience and is able to leave them captivated and empowered regardless of their age which is why she is so successful and one of the best black motivational speakers.

If you are looking for someone to speak to your business or student group in the UK or the United States, or you simply seek a woman of extraordinary talent and determination to regale your audience with her courage and vision you can do no better than Bianca Miller-Cole. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Speaker

Groups sometimes have difficulty deciding who they should invite to be their black history month speaker, or to speak to their gathering of entrepreneurs. And the hesitation is understandable because, regardless of the audience, keynote speakers can literally make or break a convention or assembly. Rest assured, however, that you cannot miss when you choose one of the black motivational speakers listed above.

Each is a force to be reckoned with, a multidisciplinary success with a growing list of accomplishments that will take your audience on a journey of discovery and leave them emboldened to go out and forge their own path through the world. They have earned inclusion on the list of the best black motivational speakers and after only a few minutes of listening to them, you will agree.