17 May 2021

best guest speakers


The best guest speakers are those that are able to effectively communicate with their audiences, share useful knowledge and advice and captivate their audience at the same time. It is a skill to confidently share your journey with others and show passion, vulnerability and determination. Here are just a few of the best guest speakers that are excellent speakers and truly know how to leave their audiences feeling empowered and excited for their future.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is one of the best guest speakers for many reasons. Bianca Miller-Cole is the founder of The Be Group, an award-winning entrepreneur and mentor. She has also been awarded a ‘Power Profile’ from Linkedin as one of the top 10 most powerful leaders on the website. She continuously achieves awards and recognitions for her determination and hard work making her one of the best guest speakers. She is extremely energising and engages with her audiences; her knowledge holds her audiences and brings her presentations to life. She is also able to successfully relate to all her audience members regardless of their ages and still leave a huge impact on them.


  1. Cathy O’Dowd


Cathy O’Dowd is also one of the best guest speakers as she is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both sides. Her experiences doing so has led her knowing how to tackle stress, risk and overwhelming challenge. She shares these insights with her audiences and captivates those in the audience with her determination and passion radiating in the room. She is an international motivational speaker who has spoken in over 40 countries. What makes her one of the best guest speakers is that she is inspiring and fascinating, as she is able to keep the attention of her audiences and motivate those around.


  1. Cameron Parker


Cameron Parker is one of the best guest speakers too as he is known for delivering motivational and powerful speeches to his audiences. Cameron Parker is the Co-founder and CEO of the motivational lifestyle brand ‘Hungry.Under.Dogs’. He has been able to inspire 100,000s of people through schools, universities and in the corporate world. His main topics that he explores are achieving goals, mental health, aspirations and motivation. He leaves a positive impact on his audiences that are captivated by his speeches making him one of the best guest speakers.