17 May 2021

motivation for public speaking


Motivational speakers all have different reasons as to what their motivation for public speaking is. Here are a few of what their motivation for public speaking is:


  • Educate

One motivation for public speaking is to educate your audience, it is about providing your audience with extensive information on your topic of expertise. You want to leave your audience knowledgeable and well informed. A great way to educate is through sharing personal stories that you can get your points across.


  • Entertain

Another motivation for public speaking is wanting to entertain your audience. Public speakers can do this by delivering facts to an audience whilst creating and adding some humour in the process too. It is a great way to create a light and engaging atmosphere for people to enjoy the speech.


  • Encourage

The next motivation for public speaking is to encourage. Public speakers show that they are supportive in their audiences and that they believe in them. This is through acknowledging their audiences and showing how much they care about each individual in the room.


  • Expertise

The final motivation for public speaking is expertise. A public speaker should demonstrate that they know what they are talking about and that it is backed up by years of experience in the field. They will share their background, personal experiences that they have had and research that they have done throughout their years in their field of expertise.


For Bianca Miller-Cole, a motivation for public speaking is she wants to be transparent in her journey and show that anyone can succeed regardless of their background. Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely motivating and inspiring motivational speaker. She is the founder of The Be Group, award winning entrepreneur and mentor. Her company The Be Group aims to show that all people should be able to access services that help them in their personal development and to build their own personal brand. After appearing on the Apprentice in 2014 where she was a runner up, she launches her own diverse range of nude hosiery called ‘Bianca Miller London’ which was launched in November 2015. Her continuous achievements and successful businesses are her motivation for public speaking. She inspires those around her, sharing her journey into becoming such a successful entrepreneur.


These are just a few motivations for public speaking and show how there are a range of reasons as to why someone may want to speak to an audience.