26 May 2021

Famous motivational speakers


Some of the most famous motivational speakers are extraordinary in how they deliver their speeches to an audience and continue to share their wisdom. They are experts within their field and share their stories into success with a range of audiences. Here are just a few of the famous motivational speakers that you should explore further!



  1. Michelle Mone


One of the most famous motivational speakers is Michelle Mone, as she shares her inspirational amazing journey into becoming an extremely successful businesswoman, owner of Ultimo. She has built herself an empire and is a huge believer in anyone can succeed if they have faith and confidence. She empowers her female audiences, inspiring and motivating them to unleash their try potential. She leaves a lasting impression and impresses her audiences which is why that makes her one of the most motivational speakers.


  1. Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca Miller-Cole is an extremely inspiring and engaging speaker in which she talks about different topics and inspires those around her making her in the list of the famous motivational speakers. She is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Founder of The Be Group. She has worked with an extensive range of clients from Google, LSE, EY to Kings College London. She is also a motivational speaker in which she has successfully delivered many talks to different audiences sharing her knowledge on her keynote topics. As a motivational speaker, she has been able to share her knowledge on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up where she shares her from lessons that are also in her book, which explore the key steps and top tips into building your business from the start and how to build a successful credible online brand. This is just one of her popular keynote topics that she explores with her audiences as a motivational speaker. She has been able to inspire and encourage those around her to start their own paths as entrepreneurs. She is transparent in sharing her experiences, top tips, opinions and thoughts with others, hoping that it will inspire and motivate those into them taking their next steps.


  1. Kanya King


Another on the famous motivational speakers list is Kanya King, a leading figure in creating a diverse and inclusive world. She is the founder of the famous MOBO awards and has aimed to celebrate the achievements of artists from genres of Gospel, Hip Hop, RnB AND African. Her drive and determination have led her to become a popular choice as a speaker in which she shares her successful journey into building the MOBO awards and how she built herself from scratch. As part of her motivational speeches, she has established the MOBOvation Talks, which is a segment of the MOBO brand that aims to motivate and encourage individuals to keep striving and achieving more. She shares her determination in creating a successful platform in which she encourages diversity and the recognition of BME talent.


These are just a few of the famous motivational speakers that continue to be successful in their field and share their words of courage and determination with many audiences.